IAB: Companies spent $19B on third-party data in 2018 despite regulation concerns

(Dec 6, 2018) The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Data Center of Excellence and the Winterberry Group have released a report titled “The State of Data 2018.” The report finds companies are likely to have spent more than $19 billion to buy, manage, process and analyze third-party data. The figure represents a 17.5 percent increase from 2017. Organizations are estimated to spend an additional $3.6 billion on device identifiers and IP addresses, a 36.9 percent increase from the year before. The increases come d... Read More

Oath agrees to pay $5M to settle alleged COPPA violations

(Dec 4, 2018) Oath has agreed to pay a $5 million settlement with the New York attorney general over allegations it violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, The New York Times reports. The attorney general’s office found AOL, which is owned by Oath, used personal data to send targeted advertisements to children under the age of 13. The $5 million settlement is the largest ever for a COPPA-related case. “COPPA is meant to protect young children from being tracked and targeted by advertisers onlin... Read More

EDAA Chair Wade discusses data privacy's role in online advertising

(Dec 3, 2018) Newly appointed Chair of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance Angela Mills Wade discusses the current state of online advertising and where data privacy fits within the industry. Wade said online advertising has embraced data as an important value not only to the industry but to society, as well. Wade’s agency wants to balance the innovative use of information with data subject’s rights, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the pending ePrivacy Regulation will play ... Read More

OTA releases audit on email subscription practices

(Nov 29, 2018) The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance published its fifth annual “Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit.” The report assessed the user experience from email signup to the unsubscribe request, observing emails at least one month during the subscription and monitoring the company’s compliance with the user’s unsubscribe request. Focusing on the top 200 North American online retailers, the audit found that 74 percent of top retailers received the designation of “Best of Class” and 10 had p... Read More

Privacy organizations accuse FTC of siding with ad industry

(Nov 27, 2018) In a letter addressed to U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons, privacy organizations accused the FTC of siding with the advertising industry as part of an initiative to update consumer data protections under President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reports. The groups argue the FTC based a decision in which consumers are not opted out of online advertising by default on a survey commissioned by the Digital Advertising Alliance. "As federal privacy legislation is contemplated, the FTC shoul... Read More

LinkedIn processed 18M nonmembers' email addresses for targeted ads

(Nov 26, 2018) Within its report from the first five months of 2018, the Irish Data Protection Commission released the results of an audit it conducted on LinkedIn, The Irish Times reports. The DPC found LinkedIn had processed the email addresses of 18 million individuals who were not members of the platform. Those email addresses were used to send targeted advertisements on Facebook without consent. The DPC said in a statement LinkedIn took the proper measures to resolve the issue. “We’ve taken appropriate ac... Read More

CNIL's warning to Vectaury could impact ad tech long term

(Nov 21, 2018) TechCrunch reports on the CNIL’s warning to Vectaury and how it could shape future interactions between ad tech companies and regulators. The data protection authority informed Vectaury consent is not valid when passed to another company through a contractual relationship if the company cannot confirm consent themselves. The CNIL’s message could impact Google, which was criticized earlier this year when publishers complained the tech company forced them to gather consent on its behalf. The Vecta... Read More

CNIL warns Vectaury to properly obtain user consent

(Nov 19, 2018) France’s data protection authority, the CNIL, informed Vectaury Nov. 9 it needs to gather consent for its data-processing practices. Vectaury collects personal data through mobile devices to perform ad campaigns on the devices. A CNIL investigation found the company does not properly obtain consent. The agency determined users are not automatically informed when an app is downloaded that an SDK tool takes their location data. While Vectaury claims it processes data with users’ consent, the CNIL ... Read More