Class-action brought against Marriott over latest breach

(Apr 3, 2020) Marriott has been hit with a class-action lawsuit a day after revealing a data breach involving more than 5 million customers, reports. Filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, the lawsuit alleges Marriott failed to implement appropriate measures to protect its customers' data. "The fact that this breach comes less than two years after the first one we know about is damning, and they must be held accountable," the plaintiffs' attorney said in a statement.Full Stor... Read More

Op-ed: Publisher first-party data can fill third-party cookie void

(Apr 2, 2020) In a column for AdExchanger, CafeMedia Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Paul Bannister writes as third-party cookies are phased out, publisher first-party data is “highly underused” and can be a “valuable part of the programmatic toolset in the future.” Contextual data, registration data and on-site behavioral data can be used to fill the cookie void, Bannister writes, though “significant investments” are needed before advertisers can use publisher first-party data to its potential.Full S... Read More

Ad groups claim CCPA violates First Amendment

(Apr 1, 2020) MediaPost reports advertising groups have argued the California Consumer Privacy Act's requirement to honor global do-not-sell requests violates the First Amendment. In joint comments submitted to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the groups wrote "commercial speech is entitled to protections under the United States Constitution," adding honoring the request "does not further the goals of the existing framework." Meanwhile, companies attempting to comply with New York's Stop Hacks and ... Read More

Google maintains deadline for phasing out third-party cookies

(Mar 30, 2020) Google Chrome Product Manager Marshall Vale said extending the deadline for phasing out third-party cookies due to the COVID-19 outbreak is “premature,” AdExchanger reports. Vale told the World Wide Web Consortium’s Improving Web Advertising Business Group in an email that Google will “continue to revisit this topic as the situation evolves.” Google plans to eliminate third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. The group had planned to formally ask Google for an extension.Full Story... Read More

Apple’s Safari blocks third-party cookies

(Mar 26, 2020) Apple’s Safari now blocks all third-party cookies, The Verge reports. The company updated Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, the privacy feature that allows the web browser to block cookies. “This is a significant improvement for privacy since it removes any sense of exceptions or ‘a little bit of cross-site tracking is allowed,’” Apple WebKit Security & Privacy Engineer John Wilander said. ITP also has safeguards that prevent tracking users through digital fingerprints.Full Story... Read More

California attorney general's office: No delay on CCPA enforcement amid COVID-19

(Mar 24, 2020) The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things in life to a screeching halt. For many organizations, the outbreak has meant shuttering, limiting or digitalizing most, if not all, operations. Those types of transitions and subsequent hardships have led some in the privacy space to question whether it's right for California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to go forward with California Consumer Privacy Act enforcement July 1. A coalition of 35 advertising groups sent the attorney general a letter M... Read More

Op-ed: Is banning targeted ads 'the ultimate' privacy solution?

(Mar 23, 2020) Google and Facebook make 83% and 99% of their revenue, respectively, by selling ads, Politics Writer Gilad Edelman writes for Wired, but what if that wasn’t allowed? Basecamp Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder David Heinemeier Hansson called banning targeted ads “the ultimate root-cause solution when it comes to privacy.” Individual user data enables companies to target ads and generate revenue, but Hansson said, “If you reduce the value of that data to near zero, then the entire incentive ... Read More

IAB Tech Lab discusses alternatives to third-party cookies

(Mar 16, 2020) In an interview with AdExchanger, IAB Technology Laboratory President Dennis Buchheim provided an update on IAB's "Project ReArc," which aims to be an alternative to third-party cookies. "It’s really a change from tracking-by-default to a privacy-by-default environment," Buchheim said. "We’re thinking about pursuing a range of standards and projects that will support companies to be compliant with consumer expectations and regulatory expectations." Buchheim added that he's "more optimistic that ... Read More

Competition Bureau covers misuse of consumer data for 'free' online services

(Mar 13, 2020) The Competition Bureau covered the collection of consumer data for “free” online products and services in the latest edition of the Deceptive Marketing Practices Digest. The bureau lays out the deceptive marketing practices provisions found within the Competition Act and the consideration for businesses to avoid noncompliance with regards to consumer data. “It is important that businesses do not mislead consumers about the real cost of ‘free’ digital products and services, including what data th... Read More

Norwegian grocery chain receives NOK 400K GDPR fine

(Mar 12, 2020) Norway's data protection authority, Datatilsynet, has issued an NOK 400,000 fine to retailer Coop Finnmark for violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The violation involved a store manager circulating store surveillance footage after recording the video on their phone. Datatilsynet found the manager's disclosure lacked a basis for processing and breached Article 5(1)(a). "The case is a textbook example of how to lose control over personal data that is shared and that it is spread q... Read More