Web con: 'How the Online Advertising Ecosystem Works'

(Jan 23, 2020) The online advertising ecosystem is large and complex; however, that does not mean it is impossible to understand the basic principles of its operation. Listen to the second of this three-part series exploring the intersection of privacy and the online advertising industry as advertising technology privacy professionals explain how adtech works. The panel will discuss how data flows, who the key players are, and how they process data and serve ads on the internet. Speakers for the web conference... Read More

Digital publishers seek alternatives to third-party cookies

(Jan 23, 2020) With Google phasing out third-party cookies, digital publishers have begun searching for new ways to identify users for targeted advertising, Digiday reports. Data-management platform provider Permutive is exploring the possibility of mapping various audience segments on the open marketplace using first-party data. The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Technology Laboratory plans to gauge the mapping's effectiveness with eyes toward developing industry standards. The method also avoids a reliance... Read More

ICO: Adtech companies need to comply with GDPR

(Jan 23, 2020) At an Interactive Advertising Bureau event in London, Information Commissioner’s Office Head of Technology and Policy Ali Shah said the regulator will use its “full power” to bring advertising technology companies into compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Digiday reports. The ICO said many companies are not currently complying and, in June, gave six months for them to meet stipulations. “The window to sit back and see what happens has closed,” Shah said. Crownpeak Chief Pro... Read More

Ad industry questions Google's third-party cookie decision

(Jan 17, 2020) Advertisers have questioned Google's decision to phase out third-party cookies, CNBC reports. Association of National Advertisers Group Executive Vice President of Government Relations Dan Jaffe and American Association of Advertising Agencies Executive Vice President of Government Relations Dick O'Brien said in a joint statement advertisers are concerned Google made this decision without consulting the industry and providing any alternatives. "We intend to work with stakeholders and policymaker... Read More

Belgian DPA to look at supermarket's fingerprint payment system

(Jan 16, 2020) The Brussels Times reports the Belgian data protection authority, Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit, is planning an investigation into supermarket chain Carrefour's fingerprint payment system. The GBA initially asked questions about the system, which violates the EU General Data Protection Regulation if consumers don't consent to the data collection, before Carrefour revealed it had already implemented the program. "There are exceptions, but people have to explicitly give their consent in those cas... Read More

Web con: 'The History of US Adtech and Online Self-Regulation'

(Jan 16, 2020) The early days of the internet saw digital advertising take hold and power content-driven sites. Self-regulatory programs eventually supported advertising technology by putting rules in place to govern user privacy, notice and choice. Since then, technology has evolved, and consumers have become increasingly aware of how personal data flows. Listen to the first of this three-part series from the IAPP exploring the intersection of privacy and the online advertising industry as a panel of industry... Read More

Sen. Wyden calls for FTC to investigate ad blockers

(Jan 15, 2020) U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate ad blockers, MediaPost reports. In a letter to the FTC, Wyden wrote ad blockers engage in deceptive and unfair practices by whitelist ads from paying companies. He added the largest advertising companies "have quietly paid millions of dollars to some of the largest ad blocking software companies in order to be able to continue to track and target consumers with ads." Wyden called for ad-blocking companies to discl... Read More

South Korean court finds privacy officer liable for data breach

(Jan 10, 2020) According to Hunton Andrews Kurth's Privacy & Information Security Law Blog, the Seoul Eastern District Court has ruled a South Korean privacy officer was negligent in preventing a 2017 data breach that affected 494,000 combined customers and employees. Hana Tour Service's Kim Jin-Hwan was charged with violations of South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act and the Network Act. The court's decision includes a 10 million won fine for Hwan in addition to a previous 327.25 million won f... Read More

Vt. data broker law producing subtle results

(Jan 10, 2020) Adweek reports Vermont's data broker legislation is performing well from the perspective of the Office of the Vermont Attorney General. Vermont has 143 brokers on its registry, including Acxiom and Oracle, and Vermont Assistant Attorney General Ryan Kriger, CIPP/US, said the law has helped organizations develop new privacy principles and policies, which includes deploying opt-out clauses. Common Sense Media Director of Multistate Policy Joseph Jerome Joseph Jerome, CIPP/US, described the law as ... Read More

Icelandic DPA rules against telecom in DSARs case

(Jan 9, 2020) Iceland's data protection authority, Persónuvernd, has ruled against telecommunications company Síminn in an investigation related to data subject access requests. Persónuvernd found the telecom did not establish the practices necessary to ensure a data subject's right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes. The ruling stems from a complaint alleging Síminn sent a marketing message despite the complainant being registered to the National Registry of Iceland. (... Read More