Berlin DPA issues 200K fine for GDPR violations

(Sep 19, 2019) Berlin’s Data Protection Authority has issued a 195,407 euro fine to Delivery Hero for violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Gründerszene reports. The DPA said in its letter announcing the fine it administered the penalty for various GDPR infractions. Delivery Hero allegedly sent unwanted advertising emails to eight customers. One customer allegedly received 15 emails after they opted out of receiving such messages. The DPA also found Delivery Hero did not fulfill a number of ... Read More

ICO issues 150K GBP fine for nuisance calls

(Sep 19, 2019) The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office fined Superior Style Home Improvements 150,000 GBP for nuisance calls. The company allegedly called individuals who were registered with the Telephone Preference Service over an 11-month period. The recipients had not given their consent to receive such calls. The ICO issued an Enforcement Notice warning the organization to stop the practice. "Companies engaged in this illegal activity should take note, we will take action against those that continue to... Read More

Tory party's Brexit site may violate privacy laws

(Sep 19, 2019) A Tory party website may be in violation of privacy laws, the Guardian reports. The “Back Brexit” site asks users to submit their names, email addresses and postcodes, which then may be used to create a profile for targeted advertising. 11KBW Information Law Leading Specialist Robin Hopkins wrote in a legal opinion the site fails to be properly transparent about how data is used, and it does not give users enough choices on the matter. “At least as regards the use of data for ‘online advertiseme... Read More

Hong Kong telecom fined HK$84K for violating PDPO

(Sep 19, 2019) Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has announced a fine of HK$84,000 against telecom SmarTone Mobile Communications for violations of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The company was originally charged with a record 23 violations before being convicted of 14. The charges stem from SmarTone's lack of compliance related to a data subject requesting the company exclude her personal data from direct marketing campaigns.Full Story... Read More

A new global guide for implementing the CCPA

(Sep 19, 2019) The California Consumer Privacy Act is the most sweeping privacy law in the United States and rivals the EU General Data Protection Regulation in terms of the shift it will require in mindset and business for organizations processing personal information about California residents. Businesses must begin preparing — and rapidly — for the statute. To help, Perkins Coie Partner Dominique Shelton Leipzig, CIPP/US, has written "Implementing the CCPA: A Guide for Global Business" to help the person wh... Read More

Amazon clamps down on third-party apps over privacy missteps

(Sep 19, 2019) Wired reports Amazon has begun holding third-party apps in its Marketplace Appstore accountable for privacy violations. The company asked app providers to disclose information about particular apps in order to gain access to Amazon's Marketplace Web Service, which apps can use to obtain Amazon customers' personal data. Developers that have not answered Amazon's call have been warned or removed from MWS in recent months. "Amazon has strict policies and procedures in place to protect our customers... Read More

Smart TVs are sharing location data and usage with advertisers, studies find

(Sep 18, 2019) Two independent research studies have found that smart TVs are sharing user data with companies like Netflix, Google and Facebook even when the devices are not in use, the Financial Times reports. In the first study, researchers at Northeastern University and Imperial College London discovered smart TVs and devices, including Samsung, LG, Roku and Amazon’s FireTV, send out data such as location and IP addresses to Netflix "whether or not the user had a Netflix account." In the second study, rese... Read More

Organizations launch $100M grant for alternatives to ad tracking

(Sep 17, 2019) Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil have announced the launch of a $100 million grant to fund projects that will create alternatives to the ad-tracking business model, CNET reports. Grant for the Web will distribute the money to projects that let content creators make a profit while ensuring the privacy rights of internet patrons are respected. Mozilla Foundation Executive Director Mark Surman said the grant was not established to eliminate ad tracking. "It would be folly to think that magically ... Read More

Washington Metro proposing new tracking for passengers

(Sep 17, 2019) The Electronic Privacy Information Center reports the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has proposed a new tracking system for its Metro line. The proposal includes sensors attached to digital advertising screens that detect nearby mobile devices. According to a contracting document, "WMATA has already begun to develop a network of digital display units and seeks to expand that network through digital place-based and location-based devices and programs."Full Story... Read More

Efforts underway to change NY student privacy law

(Sep 12, 2019) The Washington Post reports the New York Board of Regents has begun exploring ways to change the state's student privacy legislation. The board seeks to allow school contractors that administer tests, including the College Board or American College Testing, to collect and use student data for marketing purposes. New York's law was originally passed in 2014, but its first draft regulations came about in 2018. Both the College Board and ACT explained that they use student data appropriately and do... Read More