Uber concealed breach of 57M users for more than a year

(Nov 22, 2017) Bloomberg reports hackers stole the personal information of 57 million Uber customers and drivers, an incident the company concealed from the public for more than a year. Uber, which was negotiating with the Federal Trade Commission for other privacy violations at the time of the breach, also paid the hackers $100,000 to keep the breach quiet. Compromised information includes names, email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million users; the personal information of 7 million Uber drivers; and the... Read More

How to have the 'security talk' this holiday season

(Nov 22, 2017) As friends and families come together this Thanksgiving, Aaron Robinson explains how to give loved ones the “security talk,” in an article for CNet. With the news of data breaches and the importance of protections fresh on their minds, Robinson provides a guide to establishing some cybersecurity basics with those who may be unfamiliar with the practice. Advice includes the three main tips for identifying phishing, password management, how to identify secure websites and ransomware, and more. Rob... Read More

'Cryptojacking' on the rise

(Nov 21, 2017) The National Post reports on the rise of “cryptojacking” as a controversial solution some use for the expensive and taxing process of verifying cryptocurrencies. The exercise behind the creation and verification of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, require additional processing power and electricity, leading some to install malicious code to websites to turn computers into a cryptocurrency miner. Jean-Philippe Levert, a representative for the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Center said, “As th... Read More

Apple served warrant for iPhone discovered in Texas shooting

(Nov 20, 2017) TechCrunch reports that local law enforcement has served Apple with a search warrant to retrieve information from an iPhone discovered at the scene of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Following a press conference revealing the discovery of two phones, one an iPhone, at the scene of the shooting, Apple reportedly reached out to offer technical assistance in unlocking the device, though the company claims law enforcement have yet to take them up on the offer. Meanwhile, Fortune repo... Read More

ENISA recommends EU, national regulators create cyberinsurance guidelines

(Nov 17, 2017) The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security is calling for European Union and national legislators to create draft guidelines detailing what type of damage from hacking incidents should be covered by cyberinsurance, EURACTIV.com reports. The agency proposes working with the European Commission to create guidelines for insurance companies, including developing a method for the ways they should assess a firm’s cybersecurity risk, while recommending EU authorities create a databa... Read More

Forrester predicts a rise in IoT impact for 2018

(Nov 17, 2017) In an article for ZDNet, Chris Voce, vice president and research director at Forrester, writes that the market research company's 2018 report predicts businesses will see an increase in how internet-of-things devices impact their organizations. Voce says IoT platform offerings will begin to specialize in "design" and "operate" scenarios, creating specialized products to fit the needs of their clients. He also believes that new EU guidelines will enable the commercialization of IoT data, specific... Read More

Singapore agencies to clarify scope ahead of new Cybersecurity Bill

(Nov 16, 2017) Responding to concerns received during a consultation period, the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Cyber Security Agency said they will clarify the scope of the new Cybersecurity Bill as well as its definition of critical information infrastructure operators prior to introducing it. Out-Law.com reports that the agencies said they will "amend the Bill to clarify that only systems which have been explicitly designated by the Commissioner will be considered CIIs." Other amendments... Read More

Australia releases drafts of Trusted Digital Identity Framework

(Nov 16, 2017) The Australian government revealed the public draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework, which includes 14 draft documents designed to produce a national approach to how digital identity is managed. It will also accept public comment until Dec. 8, ZDNet reports. Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation Angus Taylor said of the public draft documents, "This includes documents outlining how providers will be accredited, privacy, security, risk, and fraud management requirements, as well... Read More

Singapore will include public feedback in cybersecurity bill

(Nov 16, 2017) Following a period of public comment, a joint statement from Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information and the Cyber Security Agency shows it will include public feedback as part of its efforts to refine aspects of the Cybersecurity Bill to provide clarity, ZDNet reports. While the report states that respondents were “generally supportive of the bill,” feedback included a request for clearer definitions of systems that would be included as part of critical information infrastructure... Read More

Hackers steal customer data from pawnbroker's old website

(Nov 16, 2017) BBC News reports pawnbroker Cash Converters has suffered a data breach, potentially affecting anyone who had an account on the company's old website. Cash Converters said customers' usernames, passwords, and addresses may have been compromised during the breach. Cash Converters has reported the breach to the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office. "Our customers truly are at the heart of everything we do, and we are disappointed that they may have been affected," the company said in a statement.... Read More