PCPD discusses protecting employees' personal data

(Apr 11, 2024) Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data advised on sharing information with human resources through messaging apps. Organizations sh... Read More

European Parliament supports extension of CSAM detection rules

(Apr 11, 2024) The European Parliament endorsed extending provisions within the e-Privacy Directive allowing websites to voluntarily look for child sexual abuse material. T... Read More

Mastercard releases privacy-enhancing technologies guide

(Apr 11, 2024) Mastercard released information on privacy-enhancing technologies and shared the importance of using PETs to mitigate security risks in the financial industr... Read More

The 1974 film 'The Conversation' highlights surveillance concerns today

(Apr 10, 2024) The 1974 film "The Conversation," which follows a surveillance expert who eventually becomes paranoid he is also being spied on, is still relevant to modern ... Read More

French Parliament, ENISA to address cloud sovereignty

(Apr 10, 2024) Members of French Parliament will vote on cloud sovereignty provisions of the SREN digital bill, Euractiv reports. The European Union Agency for Cybersecurit... Read More

Stolen third-party cookies could allow hackers to verify data

(Apr 9, 2024) Hackers could verify stolen data by analyzing third-party cookies and logging into online accounts without having a password, MediaPost reports. NordVPN Secu... Read More

FCC proposes additional rules to protect domestic abuse survivors

(Apr 9, 2024) The U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposed additional rules for the Safe Connections Act of 2022 that aims to protect domestic abuse survivors from ... Read More

CFPB finds financial privacy concerns with online video game purchases

(Apr 8, 2024) The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report explaining financial privacy concerns with online video game purchases due to the large amoun... Read More

Companies allegedly use online human-generated content to train AI tools

(Apr 8, 2024) A examination by The New York Times found companies used online resources to train their artificial intelligence systems, including content such as YouTube v... Read More

Nigeria's digital ID program issues 104M identification numbers

(Apr 3, 2024) Biometric Update reports 104 million people have registered for Nigeria's digital ID program, reaching nearly 70% of its 148 million registration goal. The c... Read More