Reserve Bank of New Zealand announces data breach

(Jan 14, 2021) The Reserve Bank of New Zealand experienced a data breach, which may have exposed sensitive information, The Associated Press reports. A third-party file sha... Read More

Google removes lending apps from Play Store following review

(Jan 14, 2021) Google has removed an undisclosed number of personal loan applications in India from its Play Store following a review based on reports from users and govern... Read More

La defensa de la Segpres al Ministerio de Hacienda chileno por solicitud de acceso a nómina de afiliados que solicitaron 10% de fondos de las AFP

(Jan 13, 2021) Frente a las críticas que generó la solicitud del Ministerio de Hacienda, de acceder a la nómina de afiliados que hubieran hecho efectivo el retiro del 10% d... Read More

Enforcement actions from Germany, Poland and Norway

(Jan 8, 2021) Germany's State Commissioner for Data Protection in Lower Saxony Read More

Trump signs executive order banning eight Chinese-based transaction apps

(Jan 6, 2021) U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese-based applications, The Wall Street Journal Read More

Financial regulators propose breach notification requirement

(Jan 6, 2021) The U.S Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Department of the Treasury, and Federal Reserve System issued a Read More

Twitter, Square CEO Jack Dorsey criticizes data collection in draft cryptocurrency law

(Jan 5, 2021) Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has come out against proposed U.S. cryptocurrency regulation and its data collection requirement, The Verge reports. The r... Read More

Data protection concerns raised with Somalia's digitization

(Jan 5, 2021) The Guardian reports a rapid increase in the utilization of digital technologies is causing privacy concerns in Somalia. Nonprofit organizations fear the per... Read More

A rundown of enforcement activities in Colombia, Sweden, Turkey, UK

(Dec 11, 2020) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office Read More

A roundup of EU enforcement notes

(Dec 10, 2020) Estonia's Data Protection Inspectorate  Read More