Privacy is 'North Star' for Chevron's Boshell

(Feb 28, 2024) "I am not data." These words are displayed on a piece of art hanging prominently in Paige Boshell's office. There, she said, because "I think of ever... Read More

Chevron's Boshell 'energized' by privacy

(Feb 28, 2024) When she looks at a piece of artwork hanging prominently in her office stating, "I am not data," Chevron Privacy Counsel Paige Boshell, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM... Read More

Access to credit risk data: The scope of automated decision-making in Chile's draft law

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Automated data processing by consumer reporting agencies face uncertainty under draft Chilean law

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Canada looks to respond to bank cyber incidents tripling in 2023

(Feb 16, 2024) Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions announced significant cybersecurity incidents reported by Canadian banks almost tripled in 20... Read More

FTC chair says penalties alone won't stop Big Tech data privacy abuses

(Feb 12, 2024) U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan indicated fines alone are insufficient to curb data privacy abuses by Big Tech firms, The Record reports. Khan'... Read More

Online retailer faces class-action lawsuit for its data privacy practices

(Feb 12, 2024) Temu, an online discount retailer, faces a class-action lawsuit alleging it mishandled customers’ personal information, CBS News Chicago reports. The lawsuit... Read More

Shanghai to relax international data transfer rules

(Feb 7, 2024) The government of Shanghai, China, will streamline international data transfer approvals to spur economic improvements, Reuters reports. The fast-track appro... Read More

El Poder Ejecutivo chileno propone modificaciones al proyecto de ley que crea un Registro de Deuda Consolidado

(Feb 6, 2024) La Subsecretaria de Hacienda Heidi Berner expuso ante la Comisión de Economía del Senado chileno las 13 modificaciones propuestas por el Poder Ejecutivo al p... Read More

New York attorney general's lawsuit alleges bank failed to protect defrauded customers

(Feb 2, 2024) New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Citibank for allegedly failing to protect and compensate fraud victims. The lawsuit alleges C... Read More