Introducing China’s New Privacy Law: PIPL

Original Broadcast Date: August 2021

Part of the IAPP Asia Privacy Forum Online 2021

Recently, the National People’s Congress of China adopted the world’s newest comprehensive privacy law — the Personal Information Protection Law. The PIPL isn’t just any other new privacy law, as China is unlike any other country. The world’s second largest economy, China is a superpower in technology and global trade with strength in tech infrastructure and components, AI and online platforms. What does PIPL, which becomes effective Nov. 1, 2021, mean for global businesses operating in China? What should companies do to be compliant on day one and how do they best deal with restrictions on data flows and requirements for localization or security assessments? Who needs to appoint a local representative and who is best placed to fill that role? IAPP Chief Knowledge Officer Omer Tene and Rui Bai Law Firm Head of Corporate Barbara Li discuss these questions and more. Watch the full recording on LinkedIn.

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