Tips for Acceptance

Want some tips for getting accepted?
We’re seeking engaging, dynamic speakers to share their unique perspectives in creative and original ways. Here are a few tips that might help give you an edge when submitting a speaking proposal. 

  • Submit proposals through the proposal form only.
  • Submit on time — extensions will not be given.
  • Fulfill every field on the submission form — read the directions.
  • Do not provide information that is not asked of you on the submission form.
  • Have your panel fully confirmed prior to submitting — submissions with more than one to-be-confirmed speaker will not be considered.
  • Embrace diversity. The IAPP makes it a priority to recognize diversity of all kinds: regional, organizational, gender, racial, etc.
  • Avoid using more than one speaker from the same company.
  • Include a CPO, regulator or someone with an operational voice.
  • Focus on topics that solve problems internal privacy professionals face daily.
  • Focus on topics with practical takeaways promoting audience interaction.
  • Sales pitches will not be accepted. 

The Selection Committee
The Selection Committee comprises members of the appropriate advisory board for each event. Members are privacy pros and content experts from various sectors, serving voluntary roles as track chairs from event to event. Chairs assist with the content programming, providing knowledge on proposed topics and assistance on content review. Education Advisory Boards are separated by geographical region in order to account for the differences in society and law from region to region. Does this pique your interest? Read more about the advisory boards of the IAPP and how to get involved.

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