Privacy developments from California's 2022-2023 legislative session

(Nov 28, 2023) During California's busiest legislative session since 2007, Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., signed nine privacy-related pieces of legislation into law, includin... Read More

Council of the European Union adopts Data Act

(Nov 27, 2023) The Council of the European Union adopted the Data Act 27 Nov. Among several objectives, the act aims to promote fairness when allocating value from the use ... Read More

A view from DC: The fight over defining 'AI' is far from over

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Australian intelligence report identifies China as largest state-backer of cyberattacks

(Nov 16, 2023) The Australian Signals Directorate released its annual cyber threat report, Voice of America News reports. The report identified China as a major state-backe... Read More

EU gives Meta and Snap deadline to detail children's protection information

(Nov 13, 2023) The European Commission has given Meta and Snap a 1 Dec. deadline to provide information on how they protect children from harmful content, Reuters reports. ... Read More

ANPD publishes guide for using facial recognition in sports stadiums

(Nov 13, 2023) Brazil's data protection authority, the Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados, released guidance for ensuring the Safe Stadium Project complies with the G... Read More

Switzerland FDPIC says Data Protection Act still applies to AI

(Nov 10, 2023) Switzerland's Federal Data Protection and and Information Commissioner issued a directive reminding those deploying artificial intelligence models that provi... Read More

Balancing privacy, law enforcement's ability to access data overseas

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A view from DC: All the president’s ministers — an all-of-government AI response

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US House committee may pursue temporary FISA Section 702 reauthorization

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