German DPA publishes FAQ on registration authorities' data transfers 

(Feb 29, 2024) The Baden-Württemberg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information published an FAQ on registration authorities' data transfers. The FAQ answe... Read More

AEPD releases guidance on content restrictions with home Wi-Fi networks 

(Feb 29, 2024) Spain's data protection authority, the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, released guidance on using home Wi-Fi networks to create content restrictions... Read More

EU AI Act final vote moved to 13 March

(Feb 29, 2024) The European Parliament's plenary vote on the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act was moved up by one month to 13 March, according to Parliament's draft age... Read More

UK, US series explores federated learning in privacy

(Feb 29, 2024) A collaboration between the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.K. Responsible Technology Adoption Unit breaks down how federated l... Read More

BEUC members file complaints over Meta's 'pay or OK' model

(Feb 29, 2024) Eight members of the European Consumer Organisation filed complaints with their national data protection authorities objecting to Meta's so called "pay or OK... Read More

MEPs secure provisions for EU digital wallet

(Feb 29, 2024) Members of European Parliament secured provisions for the Digital Identity Wallet that will allow EU citizens to identify themselves online. MEPs agreed to "... Read More

ICO, FCC establish memorandum of understanding

(Feb 29, 2024) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission signed a memorandum of understanding. The MOU will "enable greater ... Read More

AI, adtech, children's privacy in sights of ICO for 2024

(Feb 28, 2024) In a packed room at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2024 in London, U.K. Information Commissioner John Edwards kicked things off with a punchy speech ... Read More

At DPI: UK 2024: Edwards unveils ICO's 2024 focuses

(Feb 28, 2024) U.K. Information Commissioner John Edwards delivered a keynote speech at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2024 that highlighted some of the major theme... Read More

MEPs question European Commission's 'pay or OK' response

(Feb 28, 2024) Members of European Parliament Paul Tang and Kim Van Sparrentak wrote to the European Commission seeking clarity on the legality of Meta's " Read More