Web con: 'Your Guide to Understanding & Operationalizing the Privacy by Design Framework'

(Jul 16, 2019) Global interest in privacy has led to a surge in privacy legislation, and organizations of all sizes find themselves in the position of having to implement and maintain compliance with regulations filled with regional peculiarities. Privacy by design and its EU version, data protection by design, can be effective starting points for de-facto “common denominator” policies that are compatible with a large number of privacy frameworks. Join the IAPP July 26 for this web conference in which privacy ... Read More

Dutch DPA issues first fine for GDPR violations

(Jul 16, 2019) The Dutch data protection authority, Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens, issued its first fine for violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation to Haga Hospital, DutchNews.nl reports. The AP issued a 460,000 euro penalty to the hospital after the agency determined it did not have the proper measures in place to protect patients’ information. The AP’s investigation came after it was discovered staff members illicitly accessed the records of a TV star. Should Haga Hospital not improve its sec... Read More

Apple responds to lawmakers about its role in creating a federal US privacy law

(Jul 16, 2019) The Washington Post reports lawmakers want Apple to take on a bigger role in the debate and creation of a federal U.S. privacy law. Apple has voiced its support for a federal rule; however, the tech company has yet to officially support any bill proposed on Capitol Hill. “I would argue there’s a need for Apple to be a more vocal part of this debate,” said Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. Apple Spokesman Fred Sainz said in a statement the tech company reiterates its offer to help write legislation but add... Read More

Hoffman: US federal standards needed to regulate data brokers

(Jul 16, 2019) In an op-ed for The New York Times, Intel Associate General Counsel and Global Privacy Officer David Hoffman, CIPP/US, explains why now is the time for U.S. Congress to create federal standards to regulate data brokers. Hoffman writes since sensitive data is shared so easily, Congress needs to enact legislation to give the U.S. Federal Trade Commission power to rein them in. “By giving the [FTC] clear guidelines for enforcement and the resources to pursue it, Congress can hold data brokers accou... Read More

US House minority leader McCarthy: More reliance on tech than government for data privacy

(Jul 16, 2019) In an op-ed for The New York Times’ Privacy Project, U.S. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., writes that U.S. citizens seeking more data privacy and security should focus more on technologies than government regulation. McCarthy discusses the calls for "brute government intervention" to solve privacy issues, but adds, "I don’t think we should feel confident that the bureaucratic leviathan has what it takes to develop or enforce nimble responses to rapid change in the technology... Read More

China's privacy policy potentially stricter with proposed changes

(Jul 16, 2019) MediaPost reports there are proposed revisions to China's Personal Information Security Specification that would prohibit data collection for contractual purposes. The proposal requires prior consent for such collection to take place, and the changes reportedly make China's policy more stringent than the EU General Data Protection Regulation. "[U.S. or EU] companies doing business in China will not be able to rely on having entered into contracts with Chinese citizens to process their data," Har... Read More