European Commission asks adult platforms for details on minors' protections

(Jun 14, 2024) The European Commission asked adult platforms Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos to provide details on illegal content and protection of minors, particularly mea... Read More

EU AI Act Compliance Matrix

(Jun 10, 2024) /* DROPDOWN MENU */ { border-top: 0.5px solid #efefef; border-right: 0.5px solid #... Read More

Global AI Governance Law and Policy: EU

(May 29, 2024) /* RESOURCE ARTICLE BODY */ p.p-ra { font-size: 17px; } p.p-ra-above-dropdown { font-size: 17px; margin-bottom: 2em; } p.p-ra-below-dropdown... Read More

Denmark's DPA conducts data breach compliance investigations

(May 28, 2024) Denmark's data protection authority, Datatilsynet, completed several inspections of businesses and public entities related to personal data breaches. The Dat... Read More

EDPB publishes agenda for upcoming plenary meeting

(May 22, 2024) The European Data Protection Board published the agenda for its 23 May plenary meeting. Key items for consideration include a request for a mandate on genera... Read More

EU AI Act Stakeholder Map

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Ukraine human rights commissioner reminds data holders of requirements

(May 13, 2024) Ukraine Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights issued an advisory regarding obligations to protect personal information and to use data sparingly. The c... Read More

Analyzing the legal implications of using SDKs

(May 8, 2024) With increased regulatory scrutiny on the use of software development kits, privacy professionals working for app developers are left to consider lawful inco... Read More

UK OfCom releases draft Children's Safety Codes of Practice

(May 8, 2024) The U.K. Office of Communications published its draft Children's Safety Codes of Practice. The draft code lists more than 40 safety measures, which include a... Read More

Europol, police chiefs argue for encryption limits

(May 8, 2024) Europol joined with European police chiefs in a statement against end-to-end encryption, saying unilateral allowance could hurt criminal investigations, Eura... Read More