A view from DC: It's all about TikTok

(Mar 24, 2023) IAPP Managing Director, Washington, D.C., Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, CIPP/US, CIPM, offers his take on the latest privacy developments in the nation's capital and... Read More

Op-ed: Final EU AI Act should return to risk-based approach

(Mar 24, 2023) The proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act "must remain flexible" to be able to evolve with new developments in technology using a risk-based approach, Cent... Read More

EU to launch voluntary pledge to combat 'cookie fatigue'

(Mar 24, 2023) The European Commission's consumer protection office will launch a voluntary cookie pledge 28 March to address what European Commissioner for Justice and Con... Read More

Danish DPA launches data breach statistics portal

(Mar 24, 2023) Denmark's data protection authority, Datatilsynet, announced the creation of a new portal to view data breach statistics. The regulator said statistics poste... Read More

A view from Brussels: EDPB launches coordinated enforcement action

(Mar 23, 2023) Monday, 20 March was officially French Language Day, as declared by the United Nations i... Read More

The case of the EU AI Act: Why we need to return to a risk-based approach

(Mar 23, 2023) The benefits of using artificial intelligence to address a wide range of societal challenges and improve our way of living are bountiful. AI can empower publ... Read More

EU cyber intelligence initiatives have competing goals 

(Mar 23, 2023) The European Commission and the European External Action Services are creating competing initiatives to address cybersecurity threats, Euractiv reports. The ... Read More

Multinational produce firm sustains ransomware attack

(Mar 23, 2023) Produce company Dole announced employee data was stolen in a ransomware attack in February, InfoSecurity Magazine reports. The Ireland-based company has appr... Read More

Roundup: the EU, the Netherlands, US and more

(Mar 23, 2023) In this week’s Global News Roundup, the European Parliament adopted its position on the proposed Data Act. The Amsterdam District Court ruled Facebook proces... Read More

EU seeks global recognition of digital regulations

(Mar 22, 2023) The EU is seeking recognition of the bloc's digital regulations globally via the United Nation’s Global Digital Compact, Euractiv reports. The U.N. initiativ... Read More