Advocacy groups release proposal for new data protection agency

(Jan 18, 2019) A coalition of advocacy groups has released a proposal to create a federal data protection agency to regulate businesses’ use of personal data, ABC News reports. The new agency would supplant the Federal Trade Commission in terms of enforcement capabilities. "Privacy advocates are fed up with the FTC and with Washington failing to reign in the immense power the big data giants hold," Center for Digital Democracy Executive Director Jeffrey Chester said. The groups’ proposal clashes with the Infor... Read More

Calif. privacy pros ask lawmakers for CCPA improvements

(Jan 18, 2019) A group of California-based privacy professionals has sent a letter to the state’s senators and assemblymembers to express their concerns with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The letter highlights six areas of the law they believe need improvement, such as its inconsistencies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, compliance costs for small businesses, “overbroad” statuary definitions, and areas where the law “counterproductively undermines consumer privacy.” The group writ... Read More

Schrems accuses streaming services of GDPR violations

(Jan 18, 2019) Fortune reports privacy activist Max Schrems and his group None Of Your Business have filed complaints to Austria’s data protection authority alleging eight streaming services are in violation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Schrems and NOYB accuse the companies, which include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify, of failing to provide all the customer data necessary when an individual makes a data subject access request under Article 15. “Many services set up... Read More

Nova Scotia transportation department will not fulfill Tully's request on ferry operator's fees

(Jan 18, 2019) The Nova Scotia Opposition Progressive Conservatives party wrote in a letter the Transportation Department will not fulfill a request made by Privacy Commissioner Catherine Tully on the management fees and bonuses paid to the private operator of a ferry that travels from Yarmouth to Maine, the Vancouver Sun reports. Deputy Minister Paul LaFleche said the department has no plans to honor Tully’s inquiry. “There is a legitimate public interest in protecting the confidential commercial information ... Read More

Rose releases report on Health PEI breach

(Jan 18, 2019) Prince Edward Island Information and Privacy Commissioner Karen Rose released her report on Health PEI’s response to the discovery of a former employee who illicitly accessed the records of 353 patients, CBC News reports. Rose noted Health PEI does carry out random audits of employees to determine how they access the system; however, she deemed the audits inadequate after it was revealed the employee continued their inappropriate behavior for three years. "There is room for improvement in their ... Read More

Clayton asks Alberta government to protect citizens' data from political parties

(Jan 18, 2019) Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton has asked the provincial government to consider alterations to its Personal Information Protection Act to safeguard citizens’ data from political parties, the Edmonton Journal reports. Clayton said even the most basic requirements for political parties’ use of data would be a step in the right direction. Service Alberta Spokesperson Annalise Klingbeil said in an email the government has looked at Clayton’s request. “You would have a right... Read More

Coalition calls for update to Nova Scotia laws in response to FOI breach

(Jan 18, 2019) The Right to Know Coalition has released a report on the Nova Scotia freedom-of-information data breach, Halifax Today reports. After more information about the breach was released by the privacy commissioner of Nova Scotia, Right to Know Coalition President Michael Karanicolas said the breach had a wider scope than initially reported. Karanicolas added the province's privacy laws need to be updated. "We have [25-year-old] laws that date from just a couple years after the commercial internet was... Read More

Remembering former IAPP Canadian Advisory Board member Judy Booth, 1961-2019

(Jan 18, 2019) Judy Booth, CIPP/C, a longtime member of the IAPP and former member of the IAPP Canadian Advisory Board, died in a traffic accident last week at the age of 57. Booth most recently held the position of chief of the Access to Information and Privacy office for the National Capital Commission and continued to work for the NCC in a consultant role after she had retired. "Judy will always be remembered for her great smile and sense of humor," said IAPP Canada Managing Director Kris Klein, CIPP/C, C... Read More

Irish social protection department rejects request to release DPC investigation results

(Jan 17, 2019) Ireland’s Department of Social Protection has rejected a request from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties about an investigation conducted by the Irish Data Protection Commission on public service cards, The Irish Times reports. The Department of Social Protection said it would not release any information about the DPC’s probe due to the potential negative impact it would have on the functionality of the cards. Privacy advocates have been critical of the cards for the use of citizens’ photogra... Read More

Falque-Pierrotin may be favorite to become new CSA president

(Jan 17, 2019) CNIL President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin may be the odds-on favorite to become the new president of the CSA, the French regulator tasked to oversee electronic media within the country. Current CSA President Olivier Schrameck’s term nears its conclusion, and French President Emmanuel Macron has begun to look for his replacement. Falque-Pierrotin would become the second woman to lead the CSA should she receive the appointment. (Original article is in French.)Full Story... Read More