Common Thread Network launches new website

(Oct 21, 2016) U.K. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham and Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien co-chaired the Common Thread Network’s Annual General Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco on Oct. 18, where they also announced the group's new website, the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office said in a statement. Established in 2014, the Common Thread Network is comprised of 20 data protection leaders from across the globe who work to "further a common approach to respecting citizens’ privacy, to prom... Read More

Wikimedia backs Google in France's 'right-to-be-forgotten' case

(Oct 21, 2016) The Wikimedia Foundation has filed a petition supporting Google in its “right-to-be-forgotten” case in France, VentureBeat reports. Wikipedia’s parent company sent the request to the Conseil d’État — a government advisory body — requesting it uphold Google’s appeal. “We believe that Google should not be required under one country’s laws to remove lawful content from search results around the world,” wrote Wikimedia’s Legal Counsel, Aeryn Palmer, in a blog post. Wikimedia’s backing of Google resu... Read More

Government announces a new privacy office

(Oct 20, 2016) On Wednesday, the Office of Management and Budget announced the establishment of a privacy branch within the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The OIRA sits within the president's executive office and is part of the OMB. OIRA is charged with coordinating federal privacy policy and oversees government information collection from the public as well as privacy policy. OMB Director Shaun Donovan said the office's establishment builds on and institutionalizes the work his office has put f... Read More

International DPAs adopt new resolutions

(Oct 19, 2016) At the 38th International Privacy Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, the International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners adopted several resolutions, including a resolution for the adoption of an International Competency Framework on Privacy Education, Developing New Metrics of Data Protection Regulation, Human Rights Defenders, and International Enforcement Cooperation. The group also released an International Competency Framework for school students on data protection an... Read More

Hintze moves from Microsoft privacy lead to private practice

(Oct 19, 2016) After nearly two decades as Microsoft's chief privacy counsel, Mike Hintze, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, CIPT, has moved to private practice, joining wife Susan Lyon-Hintze, CIPP/US, to lead Hintze Law. At the two-year-old-firm based in Seattle, Washington, Hintze will focus on global privacy and data protection compliance, policy and strategy. In this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, Hintze discusses his time at Microsoft and the expertise from that experience he’ll use now in advis... Read More

Ohm: FCC's privacy proposal is 'sensible'

(Oct 18, 2016) In a post for the Benton Foundation, Georgetown University Law Center professor Paul Ohm argues the pending Federal Communications Commission's broadband consumer privacy proposal is "sensible." He contends internet service providers "jeopardize" consumer privacy "in ways the phone company and postal service" do not, pointing out that an ISP is the "mandatory first hop to the rest of the internet" giving ISPs "a nearly-comprehensive picture" of what a user does. He concludes, "If the FCC’s commi... Read More

Hong Kong's e-wallet programs store data too long, Consumer Council finds

(Oct 18, 2016) The Consumer Council has revealed that some e-wallet companies have problematic data storage procedures, with information on "Alipay customers was stored permanently while Bank of Communications, O!ePay and TNG Wallet would retain the information for six to seven years," the South China Morning Post reports. An Alipay spokeswoman countered that only a "small portion" of consumers' records was stored in the event of a money laundering investigation, and TNG Wallet said it maintained customer reco... Read More

FTC challenges 9th Circuit's common carrier ruling

(Oct 17, 2016) The Federal Trade Commission has challenged the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision that "the common carrier exception to its jurisdiction is status-based, not activities based," Multichannel News reports. The 9th Circuit's earlier ruling "could leave edge provider privacy not only out of reach of the FCC, but the FTC as well, at least where the 9th Circuit has jurisdiction," the report states. In its filing, the FTC argued that the ruling "creates an enforcement gap that would leave no ... Read More

Digital Advertising Alliance to begin enforcing cross-device tracking code in 2017

(Oct 17, 2016) The Digital Advertising Alliance has announced that it will begin enforcing the industry's "privacy code for cross-device tracking" beginning in February of 2017, MediaPost reports. The November 2015-released code "sets out privacy rules governing ad networks, publishers and other companies that collect data from one type of computer ... in order to serve ads to different devices used by the same consumer," the report states. "This restriction means that if a user opts out on a laptop, marketers... Read More

Kelleher: McFadden v Sony's implications can't be ignored

(Oct 14, 2016) EU law provides individuals with rights including rights to data protection, privacy and property. EU law also provides freedoms, such as the freedom to conduct business and provide services. None of these rights and freedoms are absolute; rather they have to be balanced with one another. This balance is reflected in the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which begins by reciting that the “right to the protection of personal data is not … absolute.” The GDPR then goes onto recite its p... Read More