INAI sanciona a AT&T

(Aug 25, 2016) El 10 de agosto del presente, la autoridad de protección de datos en México, el Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales (INAI, por sus siglas), notificó a AT&T la resolución de un procedimiento de protección de derechos que se siguió en contra de la mencionada empresa. El procedimiento se inició a raíz de la solicitud de un titular que pedía el acceso a los datos personales en posesión de la empresa, conforme a uno de los artículos de la ... Read More

FTC’s Ramirez: We’re expanding definition of PII

(Aug 24, 2016) Speaking at the Technology Policy Institute in Aspen, Colorado, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said consumer control and consent need to remain at the forefront of innovation, despite online privacy issues becoming increasingly complex, FedScoop reports. “We hear with increasing frequency the claim that technological innovation and big data have rendered certain fundamental tenets of privacy, particularly the idea of consumer consent, outdated and ill-suited for today’s digita... Read More

Hey broadband companies, you might follow Verizon's lead

(Aug 23, 2016) August may be Washington’s quietest month, but all indications point to a Federal Communications Commission determined to finalize a landmark privacy rule proposal, the last piece of the Open Internet legacy that has been a priority for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the Obama White House. As has been widely reported, the new rules would regulate the data collection practices of broadband internet access service (BIAS) providers for the first time, in many cases requiring BIAS providers to receiv... Read More

Will Brazil seize this opportune moment for data protection and privacy?

(Aug 23, 2016) As of late, it seems data protection and privacy on the internet seem to have finally conquered the agenda of key state actors, the market and society in Brazil. Such a conclusion is supported by a recent judicial decision blocking WhatsApp communications. It was for the third time in less than a year that the services were temporary blocked in the whole country because the company refused to deliver records of conversations between drug dealers. The theme is under the Brazilian Supreme Court ju... Read More

How to 'industrialize' the data protection officer role

(Aug 23, 2016) As most companies operating in Europe should by now be aware, there will from May 2018 be a requirement for many firms to have a data protection officer. For small companies that nonetheless handle a lot of personal data, the sensible option may be to bring in an external DPO. There's likely to be a flurry of activity in the next couple of years, and one privacy professional who's definitely looking forward to the shake-up is Xavier Leclerc, the vice-president of the French association of data ... Read More

Q&A with Massachusetts AG Maura Healey

(Aug 23, 2016) Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachusetts has held her office since January 2015. Massachusetts has established itself as being on the cutting edge of data privacy regulations that call for robust written information security program and computer system requirements, and the attorney general’s office continues to be on the forefront of enforcement since its security breach notification law was passed in 2007. Healey was no stranger to the work of the office, having also served as chief of t... Read More

Get caught up on this summer's privacy podcasts

(Aug 22, 2016) Summer's a busy time for most. There's family vacations to be had, suntans to accomplish, and, if you're lucky, some amazing music festivals to attend. It's understandable if you've missed out on the latest podcasts featured weekly via The Privacy Advisor. But we want to help you get caught up. Whether you like to listen while you're driving home from work or chopping onions for dinner, here's a list of the July/August podcasts, for your listening pleasure.  The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Max Sch... Read More

LabMD and the new definition of privacy harm

(Aug 22, 2016) If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? According to the Federal Trade Commission, yes it does. In its recent LabMD ruling, the FTC found that the mere fact that sensitive medical records were publicly available, without any evidence that consumers suffered any adverse effects or were even aware of the breach, was enough to support a finding of substantial consumer injury. In so finding, the LabMD decision offers the most detailed portrait yet of ... Read More

Global News Roundup— August 15-22, 2016

(Aug 22, 2016) In this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup, read about plans for new privacy and cybercrime laws in Bahrain, and a commitment from Australia’s attorney general that the government will introduce mandatory breach notification laws this year, plus, European Commission says it will introduce its ePrivacy Directive update in September. Ecuador’s president has introduced the Protection of Privacy and Personal Data Bill and a Canadian police lobby group wants a law requiring citizens to hand o... Read More

Podcast: Schrems says it’s time for a culture shift

(Aug 19, 2016) It's really kind of a remarkable story, when you think about it. Max Schrems, a law student in Austria, does a stint abroad at Santa Clara University School of Law. A Facebook executive comes to his class to talk business. Schrems digests what he's heard and decides he's got an issue with the way Facebook is handling EU data given national security authorities' potential access to it. He files a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner and, in the end, after a whole lot of legal bac... Read More