How Seton Hall Law is supporting the growth of the privacy and cybersecurity profession

(Sep 25, 2018) The rise of privacy and cybersecurity has undoubtedly had an impact on the job market and as a result, more students are eager to find a pathway forward. Hoping to develop future waves of privacy and cybersecurity lawyers, Seton Hall Law school devotes two institutes and a JD curriculum to shape a deliberate path to privacy and security law. While many hear that privacy is hiring, Seton Hall Law responded by expanding their reach, offering courses to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Realizing the ... Read More

FBI warns against ed tech cyberthreats

(Sep 18, 2018) The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation released a public service announcement warning students, parents and teachers about potential cyberthreats associated with education technology, EdScoop reports. The agency states malicious actors could use sensitive data to target children for social-engineering schemes, bullying and identity theft. The FBI also offered recommendations on vetting education technology, including looking at privacy laws as they apply to ed tech, learning how ed tech is use... Read More

Privacy breach among reasons for professor's firing

(Sep 14, 2018) CBC News reports a breach of privacy was among the reasons why Acadia University fired a controversial professor. Rick Mehta had been accused of harassing and intimidating students and colleagues. One of the complaints against Mehta states the former professor posted a recording to a publicly available Dropbox account for one of his classes where a student discussed the instance in which she was raped. "This action further demonstrates your disregard for the privacy rights of students and sugges... Read More

Privacy concerns surround schools using social media–monitoring services

(Sep 6, 2018) The New York Times reports on schools signing up for social media–monitoring services designed to examine students’ activities, specifically following school shootings. More than 100 universities and public school districts have signed up for companies to analyze the social media behavior of their students. The monitoring companies have seen spikes in sales following notable instances of school violence. As the services grow in popularity, privacy concerns have emerged as schools gather large am... Read More

Vendor releases GDPR platform aimed at children's data

(Aug 31, 2018) Privacy Vaults Online Inc. has released a tool designed to help companies comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation when handling children's information. The company's GDPRkids compliance program aims to work with the creators of children's websites, applications, connected toys and platforms to ensure they do not violate the rules. "It's time for publishers and developers to take privacy seriously and that could not be more true when it comes to children's privacy," PRIVO Vice Presi... Read More

University of Manitoba seeks changes to privacy laws on disclosing employee behavior

(Aug 31, 2018) Following a pair of instances of professors committing acts of sexual misconduct, University of Manitoba administrations are pushing the province to re-examine privacy laws preventing them from sharing details about the incidents, CBC News reports. Jazz Professor Steve Kirby retired from the school following the allegations against him and was eventually hired at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Kirby was then fired from the school after those who made the complaints about him informed Berkle... Read More

Students can request exam details under GDPR

(Aug 30, 2018) Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, students are now able to request information held about themselves and their exam performance, BBC News reports. While some information will not be available under the new rules, exam boards must provide marks, examiner comments and appeals panel minutes for tests, including GCSEs, A-levels, Highers, and university exams, if requested. Jake Moore of data security company Eset said this would help enable data-aware students but cautioned, "if all s... Read More

Medical records leaked in high school data breach

(Aug 24, 2018) Hundreds of medical records belonging to students of a Melbourne, Australia-based high school were mistakenly posted online, the Guardian reports. James Merlino, the education minister for Victoria, characterized the breach as "appalling." He said, "it’s distressing for students and their parents because it may result in embarrassment, in bullying. ... These things should not happen." The leaked records were posted on a school intranet and included mental health conditions of students, as well a... Read More

Florida law requiring schools to inquire about student mental health raises privacy concerns

(Aug 23, 2018) A new law in Florida is raising privacy concerns over a provision that requires schools to inquire about student mental health, the Naples Daily News reports. The new question is part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, which was passed after a mass school shooting last February. Parents must note student referrals to mental health services when registering their children for school. Florida School Boards Association Executive Director Andrea Messina said, "While this ... Read More