Op-ed: EU DPAs' 'zero-risk' theory based on 'questionable assumptions'

(Feb 21, 2024) A study published by University of Grenoble Alpes professor of law Théodore Christakis found the "zero-risk" theory commonly held by EU data protection autho... Read More

Maine school district drops student fingerprinting plan

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Saskatchewan school district told to monitor dark web following data breach

(Feb 16, 2024) The Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner is requesting a local school district to monitor the dark web for possibly leaked persona... Read More

Ireland's DPC to survey sports clubs for EU GDPR compliance understanding

(Feb 15, 2024) Ireland's Data Protection Commission will issue a survey to a random sample of professional and amateur sports clubs across the country to gauge their awaren... Read More

How to conduct a comprehensive ROPA

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Waiting for certainty: When a comprehensive national privacy law is not coming

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University of Hong Kong experiences cyberattack 

(Feb 8, 2024) The University of Hong Kong experienced a cyberattack compromising the information of approximately 7,400 students, staff members and academic visitors, The ... Read More

NCCU's Technology Law and Policy Center making its mark in privacy

(Jan 31, 2024) In reaching and preparing future legal privacy professionals, and working to diversify the field, North Carolina Central University School of Law's Technolog... Read More

NCCU's Technology Law and Policy Center prepares future legal privacy professionals

(Jan 31, 2024) North Carolina Central University's School of Law launched its Technology Law and Policy Center in 2021 with classes, resources and more to prepare students ... Read More

ICO campaign promotes responsible data sharing to keep children safe

(Jan 30, 2024) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office announced a campaign called "Think. Check. Share." to promote awareness about responsible data sharing to protect ... Read More