US Department of Education’s CPO reassigned

(Mar 15, 2018) The U.S. Department of Education’s current chief privacy officer, Kathleen Styles, CIPP/G, has been reassigned, Education Week reports. Styles will no longer serve as the CPO starting April 1, and the department currently has no plans to find a replacement. Department Spokeswoman Elizabeth Hill said U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will not eliminate the CPO, but no further plans for the position have been announced. "Under Kathleen's direction, the department has provided concrete, understa... Read More

FL Virtual School suffers data breach affecting 50K students, teachers

(Mar 13, 2018) Florida Virtual School suffered a data breach affecting more than 50,000 students and teachers from Leon County Schools, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. District officials said the data was taken off an unsecured server belonging to the Virtual School. The stolen information included student records and teachers' Social Security numbers. While the breach allegedly took place last year, the information stolen may date back to 2013. Superintendent Rocky Hanna criticized the Virtual School's fail... Read More

University uses predictive analytics to increase retention rate

(Mar 12, 2018) Researchers at The University of Arizona collect tracking data from student ID cards to analyze interactions and predict which students are most likely to drop out, Gizmodo reports. In a news release, the university explained that their analysis can predict a student’s likelihood to drop out 73 percent of the time, starting from day one of classes and improving over time. Lists of the most at-risk students are cultivated and sent to advisors twice a semester, who can then intervene and help impr... Read More

New series aims to rally around new wave of privacy pros

(Feb 27, 2018) Anyone who's been in the game for awhile will likely agree there's something unique about the privacy professional community's willingness to usher in the next wave of professionals. It's often the case, new pros will tell you, that not only are established privacy pros willing to help newbies, but they do so enthusiastically, and not just at the IAPP. That's exemplified with Stanford's Center for Internet and Society’s Privacy Lunch series. Molly Hulefeld has the story. Read More

Report: State boards must strike balance with personalized learning, privacy

(Feb 16, 2018) A report from the National Association of State Boards of Education found that, although school privacy policies can often conflict with personalized learning, it is up to state policymakers to develop laws and policies that harmonize a balance between the two, EdScoop reports. In the report, authors state that “good student data privacy policies recognize the potential for personalized learning to accelerate student achievement while also guaranteeing safe, secure access to a predetermined, tra... Read More

Study: State and local school websites among the most vulnerable

(Feb 6, 2018) A study by EdTech Strategies found that state education departments and local school systems are among the most vulnerable websites, with many failing to implement the HTTPS protocol, EdScoop reports. The report found that 49 of 51 states and 158 of 159 school systems used tracking software to compile user data and employ targeted advertising. When reviewed in comparison to the state education departments’ and school systems’ privacy policies, such tracking was found to be in violation of their ... Read More

University of Windsor's law school applicants' info exposed

(Jan 26, 2018) The personal information of current JD applicants to the University of Windsor’s law school was exposed after an employee mistakenly posted the data on an online blackboard accessible to current students, The Lawyer’s Daily reports. Information included names, gender, birthdates, email addresses, and GPA, but did not include mailing addresses, social insurance numbers, or any financial data. The University said only 36 current law students saw the data in the 15 minutes it was up before being re... Read More

Regina teacher uploaded 2,000 documents containing student info to public website

(Jan 12, 2018) A W.F. Ready School teacher was found to have uploaded 2,000 documents containing student information to a public website, Regina Leader-Post reports. The teacher began uploading the documents in May 2016, with some holding student assignments, birthdates, grades, and passwords. Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner Ron Kruzeniski's report on the breach said the teacher uploaded the documents onto his church's website under the belief he would be the only person who could access the ... Read More