Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, 12 April 2024

(Apr 12, 2024) This week I bring you a tale of two Michaels. First up is Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia Michael McEvoy, whose tenure come... Read More

Ontario IPC podcast discusses facial recognition technology

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Canada announces AI investment package

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Quebec lawyer ponders potential lawsuit over e-commerce privacy concerns

(Apr 12, 2024) Montreal lawyer Andrea Grass is planning a class-action lawsuit against e-commerce site Temu amid concerns over its privacy and data protection practices, Bi... Read More

Canada joins international privacy cooperative

(Apr 10, 2024) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada joined the Global Cooperation Agreements for Privacy Enforcement as part of its requirements under the Globa... Read More

IAPP GPS 2024: Localization, adequacy define current data transfer landscape

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IAPP GPS 2024: Data localization laws adding to complexity of cross-border transfers

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Ontario hospitals sending breach notifications to affected patients

(Apr 4, 2024) Five Ontario hospitals are sending more than 326,000 breach notifications to patients following a major Read More

IAPP announces 2024 privacy awards winners

(Apr 3, 2024) The IAPP announced its 2024 privacy awards at the Global Privacy Summit 2024. Danielle Citron is the winner of the IAPP Leadership Award, Dominique Shelton L... Read More

British Columbia's IPC temporarily extends term

(Apr 2, 2024) British Columbia's Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy will temporarily extend his term until the appointment of a new commissioner. McEvoy s... Read More