Give Back. Get Ahead. Volunteer with the IAPP.

What makes IAPP programs and events a cut above? Our members’ input. They offer their time, expertise and leadership in ways that really count—for them and for their fellow members.

Why become an IAPP Volunteer?

It is a valuable way to share your privacy prowess with others, make great connections, keep current on the latest developments, and get special access to an array of IAPP resources.


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  • Champion your ideas and get them implemented
  • Get more—and more meaningful—networking opportunities with privacy professionals on a global scale
  • Join the vibrant, dynamic, professional group of volunteers who are leading IAPP to new heights every day!
  • Give back to the privacy community with content, elbow grease, or pro bono initiatives

Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many great opportunities available to our volunteers. Check out the categories below to see which types are best for you and let us know.


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Meghan Bullis

Member Engagement Coordinator