In the privacy sphere, amidst increasing risk, evolving regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations, there’s strength in numbers. 

Enter the Global Privacy Summit, drawing us in, taking a spotlight to the challenges of our time. Here, we grow our knowledge, make surprising, valuable connections and, most importantly, advance the privacy conversation together.

The Summit remains the largest and most-anticipated privacy event in the world, and the 2016 program will not disappoint. The stage is set: Don’t miss the show.

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Keynote Panel

With Privacy on the Ground, Mulligan and Bamberger have delivered a book providing the most in-depth look yet on the way that privacy is done in organizations big and small throughout the world.

Kenneth Bamberger

Professor of Law at University of California, Berkeley

Deirdre Mulligan

Associate Professor, Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, University of California, Berkeley

Giorgia Lupi

Co-Founder, Design Director, Accurat

As head of Accurat, Lupi is using data to illustrate problems and their solutions around the globe, making information both beautiful and useful.

Alec Ross

Author; Former Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation, U.S. Department of State

With the highly anticipated Industries of the Future, Ross will likely burnish his reputation as one of the foremost thinkers on technological innovation and its impact on society.

Brad Smith

President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft

As the head of one of the largest corporate legal teams in the world, at one of the largest technology firms in the world, Smith has rare insight into the biggest privacy issues of our day in the U.S., EU and around the globe.

Frank Warren

Creator, PostSecret Project

Warren’s PostSecret Project is the most-visited non-commercial blog in the world, raising millions for mental health awareness while exploring anonymity and privacy in our mental lives. He’ll share what he’s learned about secrets and their powerful healing impact on society.

Show-Stopping Sessions

GDPR: The Big Picture

This session is the explanation you need to shape your business cases and prepare for the transition.

National Security and Privacy: Not Just for Citizens?

Learn how the norms are changing when it comes to surveillance of foreigners.

Approaches to Consultative Regulation

Hear regulators from around the world share their approaches to working with the business community.

New This Year: Inspired Speakers Series

Philosophical, forward-looking, challenging: The Inspired Speaker Series highlights big ideas and evolving concepts in privacy in shorter, focused presentations. See the lineup now.

Networking, Networking and More Networking

This is the privacy gathering of the year—and we’re not exaggerating. With 3,000+ attendees and myriad networking opportunities, the Summit is designed to help you make valuable new connections.


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Other Conferences

22–23 February

Make sure your organisation is ready for the upcoming European data protection reform by attending the GDPR Comprehensive—an intensive two-day training offering a practical, hands-on view of the fundamentals of the new regulation.