Everything We Imagined—and So Much More

The Summit did not disappoint! More than 3,000 privacy professionals answered the call. To engage. To lead. To contribute. To get involved.

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Phenomenal Keynotes

Glenn Greenwald


The man who brought us Edward Snowden continues to shed light on how governments watch their citizenry.

Sarah Lewis

Author, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery

A curator and creative, Lewis has discovered that privacy and a safe place to experiment are vital to the making of great art.

Michael Sandel

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government, Harvard University

Professor of the most popular course in Harvard’s history, “Justice,” Sandel explores ethical dilemmas around the world—including the data collection world.

Kent Walker

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Google

As general counsel at Google, Walker grapples with some of the toughest data use and collection dilemmas of our day.

Oren Yakobovich

CEO, Videre Est Credere

Yakobovich flips the power dynamic of surveillance on its head, using video cameras to document human rights abuses by governments.

ICYMI: Session Highlights

  • The Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Jessica Rich discussed her enforcement priorities with Omer Tene, and announced that the FTC will be issuing guidance on cybersecurity and providing data security training.
  • U.S. Constitutional scholar Jeffrey Rosen debated the Right to be Forgotten with the European Commission’s Paul Nemitz, with a closing question from the Spanish DPA.
  • The Regulators’ panel saw the FCC’s Travis LeBlanc announce that they have joined GPEN, the global group of privacy regulators.
  • EDPS Giovanni Buttarelli discussed his brand-new five-year plan, saying his office will be more transparent, creative and dynamic.
  • Game changers like JC Cannon, Jim Halpert, Evan Selinger, Lorrie Cranor and Zeynep Tufekci discussed new concepts in cybersecurity, creepiness, password best practices and the difficult questions for democracy and human agency being raised by continuous data collections.
  • Laurie Frick and Tanja Hollander brought beautiful art to the discussion of how data can be visualized and conceived.

Off the Charts Networking

The Summit took networking to a whole new level. The fabulous Privacy Bash was just the tip of the iceberg.

“There’s an amazing depth and variety of information on all aspects of privacy and data security.”

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

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