2024 Q1 Updates

CIPP/C and CIPT — test on our new forms and save

Each year, the IAPP updates exam forms to reflect changes in the industry and retire older questions. Before we deliver updated forms to the broader public, we must collect exam data to verify the new forms meet our gold standard through a beta test.

We would like you to help us test the new CIPP/C and CIPT exam forms and offer you up to 50% off your exam fee — that is a potential savings of USD275 on a full price exam.

Please note — if your exam was purchased by your employer, you may not be eligible for this credit.

Where and when can I take the beta exams?

The beta exams will be available at nearly 6,000+ computer-based testing centers around the world, or from the privacy of your own home or office with remote proctoring— but please note that there are limited windows for testing. Here is the schedule:

CIPP/C beta exam delivery: 4-17 Dec. 2023
CIPP/C beta exam registration closes: 16 Dec. 2023

CIPT beta exam delivery: 4-17 Dec. 2023
CIPT beta exam registration closes: 16 Dec. 2023

Why is it necessary to have multiple new forms?

  1. Security: If a form were leaked and its questions ended up on the Internet, the IAPP would be able to quickly retire that form and still have several uncompromised forms to administer.
  2. Exam retakes: Test-takers who do not pass an exam the first time will not see the exact same questions when taking the exam again.

How are the new forms different from the exam forms currently in use?

Candidates testing on the new forms should prepare for questions on the topics listed below. There are new versions of the body of knowledge for CIPP/C and CIPT under “Certification - Free Resources.” Those taking the CIPP/C Beta should use the Body of Knowledge that is effective on 22 Jan. 2024. Please allow up to four to six weeks after the beta testing window closes to receive your scores.

The CIPP/C and CIPT exams for the new forms have 90 questions and the same time limit of 2.5 hours.

The following represents updated content you can expect on the exams:

CIPT updates

The new form is based off the current body of knowledge with no additional topics.

CIPP/C updates

Domain I.B:

  • Added a new Performance Indicator to Domain I.B to “Understand Emerging AI Laws In All Sectors.”
  • Expanded Domain I.B Performance Indicator 4 to include “…reporting obligations applicable to each sector” and removed breach response and reporting obligations in Domain VI.A to avoid repetition.

Domain II.B:

  • Added a new Performance Indicator to Domain II.B to “Know the Differences Between PIPEDA and Private Sector Laws.”

How do I register?

Just purchase your beta exam below and then schedule your exam to be taken during the beta testing dates outlined above.

Already have a pending exam but want to participate in the beta? Contact us and we will help you make the exchange.

Thanks in advance for participating, and good luck with your exam!