FBI offers guidance for secure teleconferencing

(Apr 7, 2020) The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation issued recommendations to improve user privacy and security as it relates to teleconference platforms. The guidance focuses on "exercising due diligence and caution in your cybersecurity efforts" and offers best practice to do so, including managing personal and software privacy settings. Meanwhile, advocacy group NOYB published a report that analyzes teleconference platforms' privacy policies.Full Story... Read More

El FBI investiga Zoom debido a posibles riesgos de privacidad 

(Apr 7, 2020)  Dadas las circunstancias a nivel mundial por la pandemia de coronavirus, la necesidad de trabajar o continuar con las clases desde casa ha dotado de gran popularidad a la aplicación Zoom. Sin embargo, la aplicación ha sido denunciada por algunos riesgos que representa para la privacidad y la protección de datos personales de sus usuarios, pues se dio a conocer que compartía cierta información personal con Facebook y que podía ser hackeada con facilidad por no contar con medidas de seguridad ade... Read More

Zoom bolsters privacy, security safeguards

(Apr 6, 2020) The Verge reports Zoom added privacy and security measures aimed at halting efforts to hack or "Zoombomb" meetings. Among the new policies is a password-by-default safeguard that automatically requires passwords to gain entrance to any meeting or waiting room. Despite the upgrades, Zoom is still experiencing backlash for new and previously reported privacy concerns. New York City schools banned students from using the platform. Also, the Electronic Privacy Information Center called on the U.S. F... Read More

CFPB, Cash Store reach $1.3M agreement over nuisance calls

(Apr 6, 2020) The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced it agreed to a $1.3 million deal with retail lender Cash Store to settle violations related to nuisance calls. CFPB's investigation found Cash Store made excessive calls "for purposes of locating consumers, disclosing the delinquency of consumers’ debts to third parties or using tactics that risked such disclosure." Cash Store has been ordered to pay $286,675.64 in redress costs and $1.1 million in civil penalties.Full Story... Read More

APF concerned with Australia's telecom bill

(Apr 3, 2020) ZDNet reports the Australian Privacy Foundation does not support the pending Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (International Production Orders) Bill 2020. APF described the bill as "deeply flawed" and "a manifestation of a drip by drip erosion of privacy protection in the absence of a justiciable constitutionally-enshrined right to privacy." The bill, a precondition to a proposed agreement with the U.S. Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, seeks to amend existing Australian legisl... Read More

State attorneys general probing Zoom

(Apr 3, 2020) Politico reports attorneys general from several states are looking into Zoom's privacy practices. New York Attorney General Letitia James was the first to check in on the teleconference platform earlier in the week with other attorneys general now following suit. "We are alarmed by the Zoom-bombing incidents and are seeking more information from the company about its privacy and security measures in coordination with other state attorneys general," said Connecticut Attorney General William Tong,... Read More

The latest COVID-19 privacy developments from the Asia-Pacific region

(Apr 2, 2020) As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, here are the latest stories on how the outbreak has affected privacy in the Asia-Pacific region: The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand wrote in a blog post how a code under the Privacy Act triggered by a national emergency declaration gives agencies the authority to collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes related to the emergency. The Guardian reports the Chinese government’s “health code” technology service, used to moni... Read More

COVID-19 privacy updates from France, Netherlands, Poland and more

(Apr 2, 2020) As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, here are the latest stories on how the outbreak has affected privacy: The Dutch data protection authority, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, released a statement regarding its position on using location data to track COVID-19, saying emergency legislation must be adopted to do so lawfully. (Original post is in Dutch.) The French data protection authority, the CNIL, issued guidance on telework security measures. (Original post is in French.) Poland's data prote... Read More

Zoom founder apologizes for privacy, security shortcomings

(Apr 2, 2020) Zoom Founder and CEO Eric Yuan apologized in a blog post to users for recent privacy and security issues that have come to light. Yuan explained Zoom had "fallen short" on expectations, noting the platform wasn't built knowing "every person in the world would suddenly" be using it amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Yuan went on to outline steps Zoom is taking to address its privacy flaws. Zoom's privacy practices also warranted a probe by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.Full Story... Read More

COVID-19 privacy updates from UK, Germany, US and more

(Mar 31, 2020) As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, here are the latest stories on how the outbreak has affected privacy: U.K. Information Commissioner's Office Deputy Commissioner Steve Wood released a statement regarding the ICO's stance on cellphone data tracking for COVID-19. The U.K. government outlined its use of data during the pandemic, including how it maintains confidentiality under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Reuters reports Germany is set to launch a COVID-19 tracking app using a... Read More