Facebook plans creation of board to review company's content decisions

(Sep 18, 2019) Facebook announced its plans to create an Oversight Board made up of individuals who will review the tech company’s decisions to take down content or leave it on the site, The Washington Post reports. About 40 people will be on the board as they offer a final ruling for users who seek answers on Facebook’s moderation choices. Facebook released a charter that outlines who will be on the board and the review process itself. “We are responsible for enforcing our policies every day and we make milli... Read More

Smart TVs are sharing location data and usage with advertisers, studies find

(Sep 18, 2019) Two independent research studies have found that smart TVs are sharing user data with companies like Netflix, Google and Facebook even when the devices are not in use, the Financial Times reports. In the first study, researchers at Northeastern University and Imperial College London discovered smart TVs and devices, including Samsung, LG, Roku and Amazon’s FireTV, send out data such as location and IP addresses to Netflix "whether or not the user had a Netflix account." In the second study, rese... Read More

France, Germany voice opposition to Libra cryptocurrency

(Sep 16, 2019) French and German governments have announced they will oppose Facebook’s launch of its Libra cryptocurrency, Politico reports. The two countries do not believe the tech company has adequately addressed concerns, including financial security, data protection and financial and monetary sovereignty, that surround the project. “France and Germany consider that the Libra project, as set out in Facebook’s blueprint, fails to convince that those risks will be properly addressed,” the governments said i... Read More

Hong Kong seeks end to 'doxing' on messaging platforms

(Sep 12, 2019) The Global Times reports Hong Kong is still dealing with issues of "doxing" and hate speech on its messaging platforms. Claims of doxing surged in August, but Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies member Tang Fei said there is no legal basis to shut down social networks, such as Telegram and LIHKG. The platforms are self-regulated and responsible for keeping users' personal information secure. "The existing laws can play a major role in supervising the networks and managing online g... Read More

Report: Private social media accounts may not actually be private

(Sep 11, 2019) BuzzFeed News reports private Instagram and Facebook accounts may not be as private as users believe. BuzzFeed’s Tech + News Working Group discovered a workaround that allows a user to pull the source URL out of uploaded images and videos and then share a public URL with people who are not followers of the original poster or with people not on social media at all. A Facebook spokesperson said this practice is similar to taking a screenshot of someone’s post and sharing it with others in that “it... Read More

NY attorney general to lead Facebook antitrust investigation

(Sep 6, 2019) CNBC reports New York State Attorney General Letitia James has launched an investigation into Facebook for potential antitrust violations. The probe will be conducted with attorneys general from Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and the District of Columbia. The attorneys general will look at “Facebook’s dominance in the industry and the potential anticompetitive conduct stemming from that dominance,” according to a release from James’ office. “We will use every ... Read More

Op-ed: Maintaining privacy while building an online presence

(Sep 4, 2019) In the latest installment of The New York Times “Privacy Project,” Wirecutter Staff Writer Thorin Klosowski writes how employees can build an online presence without giving up individual privacy. Klosowski notes, “Retaining the type of social footprint required for work while still managing personal privacy isn’t easy, nor is it foolproof.” The writer adds that having an online presence of some sort is a requirement for some jobs, and at the least, an employee should “take control over what’s sh... Read More

Autoridad de protección de datos recomienda proteger datos personales en redes sociales

(Sep 4, 2019) El INAI recomendó a la población consultar su Guía para la configuración de privacidad en redes sociales con el propósito de prevenir riesgos de seguridad. Destacó el INAI que la necesidad de generar conciencia entre la población sobre estos riesgos es fundamental si consideramos que los teléfonos inteligentes son los dispositivos de conexión más utilizados por los usuarios y la navegación en redes sociales es la actividad que encabeza la lista de las principales actividades en línea según el De... Read More

US to deploy fake social media accounts to monitor immigrants

(Sep 3, 2019) ABC News reports U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to use fake social media accounts to keep tabs on individuals seeking visas, green cards and citizenship. A ban on law enforcement using fake accounts was reversed last week when a published review by the Department of Homeland Security found no potential privacy issues related to the monitoring. A USCIS statement explained the change will help simplify searches for potential evidence of fraud or security concerns as the agency dec... Read More

Hong Kong PCPD: Hundreds of ‘doxing’ complaints received since June

(Aug 29, 2019) Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has received 683 complaints of “doxing” and has transferred 608 of those cases to the police for further investigation, the South China Morning Post reports. The PCPD began receiving complaints when the extradition bill protests began in June. The primary targets are government officials and police officers, whose personal information was posted to social media without their consent. The PCPD requested the platforms remove 872 instances of leake... Read More