Op-ed: Is CCPA key for big tech antitrust investigations?

(Jan 14, 2020) In an op-ed for AdExchanger's "Data-Driven Thinking," Thunder Experience Cloud CEO Victor Wong writes the California Consumer Privacy Act's definition of "sale" could potentially ignite antitrust actions against big tech companies, specifically Facebook. Wong writes, in the case of Facebook’s business model, it has been "confusing to antitrust regulators" due to the lack of perceived harm against consumers. He writes, "Facebook is worried about admitting that users are being harmed by the transf... Read More

Court still mulling Facebook's FTC settlement

(Jan 10, 2020) U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Timothy Kelly has set a Jan. 24 deadline for Facebook and the government to respond to privacy groups criticizing Facebook's proposed $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, The Wall Street Journal reports. Consideration of the complaints has held up the finalization of the landmark settlement, which was agreed to in July. Specifically, groups have taken issue with a settlement provision that clears Facebook of liability in ... Read More

FTC chair supports federal privacy law, maintaining enforcement role

(Jan 8, 2020) Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons opened up about his support for federal privacy legislation, Multichannel News reports. Simons' call for a comprehensive law came with stipulations, including the desire to have the FTC retain its enforcement powers in lieu of creating a new privacy regulator. Additionally, he indicated any legislation should create and maintain competition across industries. Meanwhile, Federal Communicat... Read More

Facebook unveils privacy tool update at CES

(Jan 7, 2020) Wired reports Facebook announced improvements to its Privacy Checkup tool at the Consumer Electronics Show Monday in Las Vegas. The updated tool now carries eight topics broken down into four sections related to customizing user privacy. The changes do not address Facebook's data collection and handling but are instead aimed at protecting user data from fellow Facebook users. (Registration may be required to access this story.) Full Story... Read More

Datos de geolocalización: riesgos de seguridad al hacer check-in en redes sociales 

(Jan 7, 2020) A fin de evitar riesgos en la integridad física y en línea, un experto en ciberseguridad de Kaspersky aconsejó a los ciudadanos no publicar o hacer check-in en redes sociales cuando se visite algún lugar o se asista a algún evento. Esto, luego de que un estudio elaborado por dicha empresa y otra, Corpa, revelara que el 40% de peruanos incurre riesgos en dicha práctica.Nota Completa... Read More

Apple, Facebook to talk privacy at CES

(Jan 6, 2020) Apple and Facebook are slated to speak about consumer privacy during a session Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Forbes reports. Apple Senior Director of Global Privacy Jane Horvath, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, will join Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan, U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter and others for the "Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want?," which will also cover privacy operations management and the regulatory landscape. Full Story... Read More

French government can use social media to detect tax avoidance

(Jan 2, 2020) France’s Constitutional Court has ruled the government can use social media to detect tax avoidance, BBC News reports. Customs and tax officials can search online profiles, posts and pictures for evidence of undisclosed income. The court said password-protected content cannot be collected and authorities can only use public information pertaining to the individual divulging it online. Regulators should also closely monitor how data is being exploited. France’s CNIL expressed concern over the new... Read More

Brazilian agency fines Facebook R$6.6M over Cambridge Analytica

(Jan 2, 2020) The Brazilian Department of Consumer Protection has fined Facebook R$6.6M ($1.6 million) over Cambridge Analytica, The Hill reports. The agency said the data of 443,000 Brazilians was used "for questionable purposes and without the represented parties being able to demonstrate any modifying fact that that number was actually smaller." A Facebook spokesperson said the company is considering its legal options in the case. "We are focused on protecting people’s information and privacy," the spokesp... Read More

JPMorgan to limit fintech app data sharing

(Jan 2, 2020) JPMorgan Chase has plans to begin prohibiting financial technology apps from using customer passwords to access bank accounts, the Financial Times reports. In lieu of password access, JPMorgan will send tokens to third-party apps with a more secure and narrower set of customer data. Chase Head of Digital for Consumer & Community Banking Bill Wallace said the token system "lets the customer know exactly what information is being used ... and removes the need to hand over their passwords." Mea... Read More

The top privacy news stories of 2019, according to you

(Dec 17, 2019) Ask just about anyone who has been in the privacy game for a minute, and they’ll probably tell you 2019 was just absurd. The news just would not stop coming. It was an onslaught! Of course, much of that was thanks to newly passed or soon-to-be-passed legislation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2018 changed the rules, and the most-read news stories in The Privacy Advisor reflect that. IAPP Editor Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, has your top-read stories in The Privacy A... Read More