Op-ed: Tech companies need stronger regulations

(Feb 26, 2024) In an op-ed for The New York Times, Columbia University law professor Tim Wu said technology companies' digital platforms need to face stronger regulations. ... Read More

Social media site sued for allegedly tracking users' data

(Feb 23, 2024) Social media site LinkedIn faces a class-action lawsuit over whether it illegally tracked the data of users by using a tracking pixel without disclosing it, ... Read More

Social media subscription tool allegedly enabled child exploitation

(Feb 23, 2024) Former employees claimed Meta's social media platforms subscription tool enabled child exploitation on "parent-managed minor accounts," The Wall Street Journ... Read More

Apple to upgrade iMessage to fight future decryption methods

(Feb 23, 2024) Apple plans to update iMessage to defend the platform from possible decryption by quantum computers, Reuters reports. Apple's blog said its new "PQ3" protoco... Read More

Signal introduces phone number privacy setting

(Feb 21, 2024) Signal Messenger introduced a phone number privacy setting that allows users to share a private username instead of their phone numbers when messaging other ... Read More

Implications of EDPB's looming 'pay or OK' guidelines

(Feb 20, 2024) EU data protection authorities have yet to decide how the "pay or OK" user consent model fits under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The debate ste... Read More

Adtech privacy implications of Meta's 'pay or OK' model

(Feb 20, 2024) European users of Meta's platforms are waiting to see a decision by EU data protection authorities on the "pay or OK" model that has users pay to eliminate p... Read More

US judge says Ohio's teen privacy law violates the First Amendment

(Feb 13, 2024) A judge from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio ruled the state's Parental Notification By Social Media Operators Act violates minors'... Read More

EDPB to discuss 'pay or OK' model at next meeting

(Feb 12, 2024) The European Data Protection Board will discuss whether to take a formal position on the "pay or OK" advertising model, which allows Meta Platforms users to ... Read More

Users' trust in social media companies declining 

(Feb 9, 2024) Thales' "2024 Digital Trust Index" found users' trust in social media platforms is declining, with 14% of users saying they would prefer not to share persona... Read More