Twitter launches algorithmic bias detection challenge

(Aug 2, 2021) Twitter announced a contest to incentivize the detection of algorithmic bias in its image cropping algorithm. According to the company, the bounty competitio... Read More

Facebook announces targeted ads restrictions for kids, new Data Protection Assessment initiative

(Jul 30, 2021) Facebook Read More

A deep dive into Canadians' privacy concerns

(Jul 29, 2021) On June 15, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released the results of the “ Read More

Facebook to restrict targeted ads for kids

(Jul 28, 2021) Facebook announced plans to curtail targeted advertising capabilities to minors in the coming weeks. Targeting categories for children under 18 will be limit... Read More

WeChat suspends new user registration in China as it aligns with regulations

(Jul 28, 2021) Instant messaging platform WeChat temporarily suspended registration of new users in China as it works to “align with relevant laws and regulations,” Reuters... Read More

Facebook unveils Data Protection Assessment initiative

(Jul 27, 2021) Facebook introduced an initiative laying out requirements for developers with applications that access advanced permissions, Adweek reports. The Data Protect... Read More

Report: Privacy gaps in WeChat banking programs

(Jul 26, 2021) The South China Morning Post reports potential user privacy issues have surfaced from messaging platform WeChat's online banking programs. The National Compu... Read More

Austrian Supreme Court refers explicit consent case to CJEU

(Jul 20, 2021) According to Reuters, Austria's Supreme Court referred Max Sc... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Europe Managing Director, 16 July 2021

(Jul 15, 2021) Greetings from Brussels! BEUC — the European Consumer Organisation — is on the war path once again, filing a Read More

Shenzhen passes China's first local data law

(Jul 15, 2021) The Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress passed China's first local data law. The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Data Regulations"... Read More