New Facebook controls seek to bring transparency to targeted ads

(Jun 14, 2018) Facebook announced it will launch new controls July 2 designed to bring more transparency to targeted advertising, Reuters reports. The tech company will require advertisers to inform users if a data broker delivered the information leading to a targeted ad. Advertisers will also need to pledge to Facebook the data brokers they are obtaining their information from received consent from data subjects. “We are not taking a position on whether third-party data is inherently good or bad,” Facebook D... Read More

Markey criticizes Facebook's answers on children's privacy

(Jun 13, 2018) Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., spoke out against how Facebook protects children’s online privacy, Broadcasting & Cable reports. Following the Cambridge Analytica revelations, Markey asked the tech company not to send social media ads targeted at children and to stop sharing children’s data with target marketers once they are 13 years old. While Facebook said it would not share data once children turn 13, it would not rule out placing ads within its Messenger Kids app. “Our youngest and most vulner... Read More

More Facebook data-sharing agreements revealed

(Jun 11, 2018) Court documents and company officials revealed Facebook had customized data-sharing agreements with several companies even after it swore off the practice in 2015, The Wall Street Journal reports. Facebook allowed those companies, including the Royal Bank of Canada and Nissan Motor, to have access to data about users’ friends. The agreements were known within Facebook as “whitelists” and differed from the data-sharing agreements the social media company had with at least 60 device manufacturers.... Read More

Facebook bug affected 14M users' privacy settings

(Jun 8, 2018) Following the discovery of a bug on their platform, Facebook is notifying 14 million users to review posts they have made, TechCrunch reports. The bug changed Facebook users’ privacy settings, potentially making any posts made from May 18 to May 22 public for other users to see. The social media company fixed the issue May 27. “We have fixed this issue and starting today we are letting everyone affected know and asking them to review any posts they made during that time,” Facebook Chief Privacy ... Read More

Facebook had data-sharing agreement with Chinese telecom Huawei

(Jun 6, 2018) Following questions from Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., about Facebook’s data-sharing agreements with device makers, the tech company admitted it allowed Chinese telecom Huawei to access user data, The Washington Post reports. Facebook said data was only stored on users’ devices and never reached Huawei’s servers. Warner said in a statement the agreement raised “legitimate concerns, and I look forward to learning more about how Facebook ensured that information about their users was not sent to Chines... Read More

Twitter moves to suspend underage accounts

(Jun 6, 2018) In a possible attempt to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Twitter has begun suspending accounts of users it believes were underage at the time of registration, Education Week reports. While Twitter has not confirmed the catalyst for the suspensions, the GDPR requires companies to have explicit consent from either a parent or guardian for processing the personal data of children. Twitter's move is prompting discussion as to whether other companies will be forced to take simi... Read More

Continental banning social media apps from company phones due to GDPR

(Jun 5, 2018) Car technology company Continental will no longer allow WhatsApp and other social media apps on company phones due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Financial Times reports. Continental is banning the apps since they can access confidential user data, such as contacts and the information of third parties. In order to comply with the GDPR, the company would need the consent of every person within a contact list. “Technology providers, in particular, must make it as easy as possibl... Read More

Facebook had data-sharing agreements with 60 device makers

(Jun 4, 2018) The New York Times reports Facebook had reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device makers, including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The partnerships were formulated over the last decade and gave device manufacturers access to data belonging to friends of Facebook users, even after Facebook said it would no longer permit such data sharing, the report states. While most of the partnerships are still in effect, Facebook discontinued some of them following the Cambridge Analytica revela... Read More

Privacy concerns raised over new social media platform

(May 24, 2018) The South China Morning Post reports that the proliferation of social media platform Tik Tok has led social workers and parents in Hong Kong to call for a crackdown on its developer, Bytedance. While the app requires users to be 16 years or older, the SCMP found that many underage children access the platform and expose personal information. Unlike other platforms, it is not easy to delete a user’s account, and posts can only either be “private to only myself” or “public to everyone.” While some... Read More

Zuckerberg's European Parliament testimony receives criticism

(May 23, 2018) Criticism has been leveled at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the European Parliament, The Guardian reports. The 90-minute session featured Zuckerberg answering overlapping questions asked by the 12 MEPs. By going with the format, Zuckerberg was able to pick the questions he wished to answer, a move Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Leader Guy Verhofstadt called “inappropriate.” During the testimony, Zuckerberg reiterated a situation similar to Cambridge ... Read More