Social account uses facial recognition to dox other users

(Sep 25, 2023) A TikTok user allegedly used commercial facial recognition software PimEyes to dox other users who appear in viral videos, 404 Media reports. The user would ... Read More

Downgraded privacy makes age verification palatable

(Sep 21, 2023) In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, MeWe founder Mark Weinstein supported age verification on his and other social media platforms and said "privacy as ... Read More

Ireland's DPC issues 345M euro TikTok children's privacy fine

(Sep 15, 2023) Ireland's Data Protection Commission continues to demonstrate the repercussions companies will face if they fail to meet the core principles of the EU Genera... Read More

Ireland's DPC adopts 345M euro TikTok fine

(Sep 15, 2023) Ireland's Data Protection Commission adopted a 345 million euro fine and corrective measures against TikTok over alleged EU General Data Protection Regulatio... Read More

US court pauses Arkansas children's social media law

(Sep 8, 2023) Government Technology reports the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas brought a temporary injunction against the Arkansas Social Media S... Read More

Hackers generate fake Signal app for surveillance

(Aug 31, 2023) The creation of an imposter to communications platform Signal is allegedly tied to Chinese hackers, Forbes reports. Hackers posted the fake app to Google Pla... Read More

A view from DC: Enforcement eyes turn to data scrapers

(Aug 25, 2023) IAPP Managing Director, Washington, D.C., Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, CIPP/US, CIPM, offers his take on the latest privacy developments in the nation's capital and... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, 25 Aug. 2023

(Aug 25, 2023) There was some pretty big news this week from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which sent a letter, signed by a consortium of other internat... Read More

Facebook Messenger expands encryption trials

(Aug 23, 2023) Meta announced millions of Facebook Messenger accounts will be able to trial end-to-end encryption standards for individual and group chats. Meta is working ... Read More

Montana attorney general backs TikTok privacy concerns

(Aug 22, 2023) MediaPost reports Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said the state's TikTok ban is justified by the protection from alleged "harms inseparable from Tik... Read More