OECD launches group focused on AI, data, privacy collaborations

(Feb 21, 2024) The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development launched a group focused on finding common ground between artificial intelligence, data and privac... Read More

WSJ podcast looks at biometrics security

(Feb 13, 2024) The Wall Street Journal's The Future of Everything podcast discussed the role biometrics could play in everyday life. It delved into where the technology is ... Read More

26B data record trove gets 'mother of all breaches' designation

(Jan 24, 2024) A compiled database of 26 billion leaked data records discovered by Security Discovery and CyberNews emphasized the dangers of poor security measures, Davey ... Read More

European Commission upholds 11 adequacy decisions

(Jan 16, 2024) The European Commission released a report 15 Jan. highlighting its review and subsequent reaffirmation of 11 data protection adequacy agreements under the EU... Read More

European Commission upholds 11 adequacy decisions

(Jan 16, 2024) The European Commission published a Read More

Proactive caution: Israel’s approach to AI regulation

(Jan 10, 2024) For the time being, Israel has chosen to forgo formal artificial intelligence legislation. Instead, it has established a s... Read More

Israel's PPA to confirm databases are protected

(Dec 5, 2023) Israel's Privacy Protection Authority announced it will require information management and data storage service providers to submit information on data secur... Read More

Israel's PPA issues recommendations for smart home devices 

(Nov 20, 2023) Israel's Privacy Protection Authority released recommendations for best practices with the development of smart home Internet of Things products. The guidanc... Read More

Study: Companies aren't keeping up with cybersecurity needs

(Nov 6, 2023) The International Information System Security Certification Consortium's annual workforce study indicated the cybersecurity industry needs to double in size ... Read More

Israel reportedly mobilizing hacker force in war on Hamas

(Nov 1, 2023) Israel is allegedly using cyberhackers and spyware companies to break into and monitor abductees' electronics in its war against Hamas, Forbes reports. The I... Read More