CNIL issues opinion on COVID-19 efforts

(Jan 21, 2021) France's data protection authority, the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, published a second opinion on the functioning of contact trac... Read More

COVID-19 privacy updates from France, Singapore

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A roundup of US contact-tracing notes

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The conundrums presented by COVID-19 check-in solutions

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Privacy in a pandemic — the conundrum of COVID-19 check-in solutions

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Contact-tracing updates from Australia, US

(Jan 6, 2021) Australian researchers have found Facebook mobile data could be used to estimate patterns of COVID-19 transmission risk, ZDNet Read More

EDPS discusses COVID-19-related privacy engineering

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Drivers take Uber to court over data use

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FPF report analyzes how privacy laws view location data

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Calif. city suspends license plate data sharing with immigration agencies

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