AI a new obstacle for college students in job searches

(Jan 16, 2020) College students are facing new obstacles in job searches as more businesses use artificial intelligence to vet interns and entry-level employees, CNN Business reports. AI can help businesses quickly conduct video interviews, analyze a candidate’s grammar and facial expressions, and determine their characteristics. College career counselors are educating students about companies that use AI and what they can do to be successful. “Everyone makes snap judgments on students, on applicants, when fir... Read More

UK shifts to biometric logins for NHS data

(Jan 9, 2020) Biometric Update reports the U.K. has committed 40 million GBP to installing biometric logins for National Health Service databases. The multifactor authentication, which will include fingerprint scans, among other biometric scans, aims to help expedite and simplify logins for NHS staff members, who have complained about previous login procedures. "This investment is committed to driving forward the most basic frontline technology upgrades, so treatment can be delivered more effectively and we c... Read More

CNIL publishes guide on professional warning devices

(Dec 12, 2019) France’s data protection authority, the CNIL, has published a reference guide for professional warning devices, which are tools employees can use to report unethical behavior. The guide was released following a public consultation and is in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The CNIL states it can be used as a reference tool for organizations designing their data protection impact assessments. The document includes details on data retention periods and the supervision of such t... Read More

Employers using AI tech to help determine 'employability'

(Oct 25, 2019) The Washington Post reports organizations across the U.S. are increasingly using HireVue's artificial intelligence–based technology to assess whether job candidates are a fit for their businesses. HireVue's system uses mobile device cameras to analyze prospective employees' facial movements, word choice and speaking voice before comparing the results to those of other candidates to form a ranking system for how qualified a person is for a position. AI Now Institute Co-Founder Meredith Whittaker ... Read More

Former Met officer loses appeal in tracking case

(Oct 24, 2019) A former Metropolitan police officer lost an appeal in her case against the department for tracking her location, the Guardian reports. Andrea Brown’s superior officer approached the National Border Targeting Centre to gather information to monitor her as she went to Barbados following her father’s death. Brown successfully sued the Met and Greater Manchester Police for the incident and was offered a 18,000 GBP settlement; however, she turned it down, and the case went to court. Brown was awarde... Read More

UK driver continues battle with Uber over data requests

(Oct 23, 2019) Politico reports on the former U.K.-based Uber driver who continues his battle with the ride-hailing company over drivers’ access to their data. James Farrar sent a letter to Uber in March asking for the information and warning the company it may be in violation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation should it fail to comply. Uber turned over data to Farrar after it received the letter; however, the driver said he did not receive all the information he requested. Uber said in a statement i... Read More

FTC, developer reach settlement on 'stalking' apps case

(Oct 22, 2019) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has announced it finalized a settlement with Retina-X Studios over privacy violations related to its "stalking" apps. The settlement calls for the developer to delete the data collected by the three apps from mobile devices. Additionally, Retina-X is prohibited from promoting, selling or distributing any monitoring app that requires users to bypass a device's security protections to install or that lack legitimate purposes. "Although there may be legitimate reas... Read More

How to conduct background checks under GDPR

(Oct 16, 2019) Employees are often considered the weakest link in organizational security, and in order to potentially mitigate risk brought on by staff, an entity may wish to conduct a background check to vet the people they ultimately hire. In this piece for The Privacy Advisor, HCL Technologies Privacy Office Senior Manager Piotr Foitzik, CIPP/A, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT, looks at how to perform a background check under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Foitzik breaks down what o... Read More

How to 'background check' under the GDPR

(Oct 1, 2019) Information security, risk and compliance are in focus and one of the core issues for many companies. For obvious reasons it has been early recognized that people are one of the key factors and often times the weakest link in organizational security. From this point of view, it was natural to conclude that by knowing more about your employees and future employees you mitigate, to a degree, risks arising from internal threats, and you are employing people with proven records and sufficient level ... Read More

Saskatchewan privacy commissioner recommends training for temp SHA employees

(Sep 20, 2019) After a volunteer for the Saskatchewan Health Authority took students to a call at a private home, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan recommends additional privacy training for anyone working for the agency, CBC News reports. The volunteer took three students in a CPR recertification class to the site of a medical emergency. The three students were not employed by the SHA, and the group arrived before any other responders arrived on the scene. A report from the commissioner... Read More