At Calif. Assembly hearing, lawmakers seek input on CCPA

(Feb 21, 2019) At a hearing at the California State Assembly in Sacramento Wednesday, members of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee sought to hear from witnesses about the California Consumer Protection Act — specifically, what must be amended about the law before it becomes effective in 2020.  During the three-hour hearing, representatives from the California Chamber of Commerce, California Retailers Association, American Civil Liberties Union and independent academics and researchers, among other... Read More

Employee data can be 'gold mine or minefield'

(Feb 14, 2019) The Financial Times reports on the benefits and risks companies face when they collect data on their employees. Employers can collect data on their staff’s movement, interactions with colleagues, and their personal fitness. Accenture Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer Ellyn Shook said employee data can be a “gold mine or a minefield.” Employee data used responsibly can benefit everyone within an organization; however, misused information can lead to violations of the EU General Data Pr... Read More

Employers' embrace of wellness data raises privacy concerns

(Feb 12, 2019) Employers are embracing the use of activity trackers and adopting wellness programs in an effort to monitor employee health in the hope of reducing health care costs, The Wall Street Journal reports. Joy Pritts, who served as the chief privacy officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services until 2014, explained that while wellness programs offered as part of group health plans are covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, others are not. “There’s just to... Read More

McLeod-McKay criticizes Yukon government over access to employee data

(Feb 1, 2019) Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay criticized the provincial government in regards to a complaint her office received about the accessibility of government employee information, CBC News reports. A government staff member filed a complaint in November 2016 expressing concerns that too many employees had the ability to access staff member data via the Public Service Commission’s human resources records system. The commissioner’s office discovered the data was available ... Read More

Where do Canadian privacy laws stand on workplace romances?

(Feb 1, 2019) Business in Vancouver reports on workplace privacy laws in Canada and how they can affect workplace relationships. Canadian courts will likely favor the privacy rights of staff members should an employer attempt to implement a policy to ban coworkers from dating. In a case from 1994, a court ruled the president of a company could not threaten an employee with termination after it was discovered he had an affair with one of his colleagues. Roper Greyell Partner Jennifer Russell offers advice for ... Read More

Employers reminded to keep staff records confidential

(Jan 31, 2019) Following the introduction of domestic violence leave into Australia’s National Employment Standards, employers are being warned to keep staff records confidential to ensure compliance with privacy requirements under the Fair Work Act, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Under domestic violence leave, all employees are entitled to five days unpaid family and domestic violence leave per year. The article notes that potential breaches could occur when information is shared within the organization f... Read More

Survey: Non-desk employees use messaging apps, even without HR's knowledge

(Jan 31, 2019) A survey conducted by Speakap found most non-desk employees use messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Adweek reports. Speakap defines non-desk employees as staff members who work at retail stores, hotels and restaurants. Of the 1,000 non-desk employees polled, 53 percent said they use messaging apps for work-related communications up to six times a day, with 16 percent believing their company’s human resources department did not know of such use. Speakup states compani... Read More

Survey: Responsible employee data use could fuel revenue growth

(Jan 23, 2019) A survey conducted by Accenture found C-suite executives need to use workforce data in a more responsible manner in order to build employee trust and generate continued revenue growth. Of the 1,400 C-suite executives polled around the world, 62 percent said their organizations collect employee data to gain insights; however, only 30 percent felt “very confident” they use the information responsibility. Accenture interviewed 10,000 employees for the survey. While 92 percent of workers are open to... Read More

Derecho a desconectarse del trabajo

(Jan 8, 2019) Hay múltiples repercusiones relacionadas con la instantaneidad y ubicuidad de la conexión digital una vez finalizada la jornada laboral. En cuanto a la fatiga informática versus la salud mental del trabajador, ¿se afecta la relación laboral entre el patrón y el trabajador? ¿Ha usted analizado la finalidad y uso del usuario digital en la empresa como dato personal? Éstas y otras consecuencias pueden obligar un análisis del sector empresarial. En esta entrega, ¿su equipo portátil -teléfonos y tabl... Read More

H&M sued over alleged violations of Illinois biometric law

(Jan 4, 2019) A plaintiff has filed a class-action lawsuit against retailer H&M for alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, Cook County Record reports. The plaintiff had worked at H&M from 2012 to 2017, where she claims the retailer scanned the fingerprints of all its employees for a biometric punch clock. The lawsuit alleges H&M never obtained consent, nor did it provide any written information about the biometric collection.Full Story ... Read More