This service monitors data as people work from home

(Apr 2, 2020) Nearly every aspect of life has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, homes serve many functions. They are now a place of residence, a school, a daycare and also an office. Employees will likely be working from home for the foreseeable future, and employers have rushed to make sure their staff is ready to continue operations. Spirion CEO Kevin Coppins doesn't want companies to rest easy once everything is up and running. Workers will still be handling sensitive information that needs... Read More

Privacidad en el ámbito laboral: el caso de Costa Rica

(Mar 3, 2020) El uso de herramientas de monitoreo laboral hace que la protección de la privacidad y la información personal sea una de las áreas de mitigación de riesgo en la que debe enfocarse una empresa. En Costa Rica, con base en el Artículo 24 de la Constitución, los tribunales han dictaminado sistemáticamente que el derecho a la privacidad del empleado restringe el derecho de control de los empleadores. En este contexto, resulta importante entender las tendencias jurisprudenciales locales, para evitar r... Read More

ACCC opens investigation into Google-Fitbit deal

(Feb 27, 2020) The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has begun an official probe of the Google-Fitbit merger, ChannelNews reports. The investigation is set to focus on Google's use of data collected by Fitbit devices, with the ACCC specifically concerned about the potential for targeted health ads. The investigation follows comments from ACCC Chairman Rod Sims in November 2019 regarding his concerns about the merger.Full Story... Read More

Keeping Your Workplace Safe Online

(Feb 1, 2020) This guide from the Internet Society gives consumers eight simple ways to safeguard their workplaces, including encrypted devices, unique passwords and keeping software up to date.  Click to View (PDF)... Read More

AI a new obstacle for college students in job searches

(Jan 16, 2020) College students are facing new obstacles in job searches as more businesses use artificial intelligence to vet interns and entry-level employees, CNN Business reports. AI can help businesses quickly conduct video interviews, analyze a candidate’s grammar and facial expressions, and determine their characteristics. College career counselors are educating students about companies that use AI and what they can do to be successful. “Everyone makes snap judgments on students, on applicants, when fir... Read More

UK shifts to biometric logins for NHS data

(Jan 9, 2020) Biometric Update reports the U.K. has committed 40 million GBP to installing biometric logins for National Health Service databases. The multifactor authentication, which will include fingerprint scans, among other biometric scans, aims to help expedite and simplify logins for NHS staff members, who have complained about previous login procedures. "This investment is committed to driving forward the most basic frontline technology upgrades, so treatment can be delivered more effectively and we c... Read More