Regulators begin MGM Resorts cyberattack inquiry 

(Feb 27, 2024) U.S. state and federal regulators are investigating a September 2023 Read More

OPC launches investigation into Global Affairs Canada data breach 

(Feb 27, 2024) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced it will investigate a data breach of Global Affairs Canada that stole personal data from employees... Read More

Poland's DPA to investigate data disclosure cases

(Feb 22, 2024) Poland's data protection authority, Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, announced it will investigate two data disclosure cases that led to suicides. The UODO as... Read More

Chinese intelligence agency warns of foreign data breaches

(Feb 22, 2024) The Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China issued a warning on foreign data breaches that could threaten national security, the South C... Read More

OAIC releases report on data breaches 

(Feb 22, 2024) The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner released a report on data breaches, noting that personal information collected by multiple parties can ... Read More

Saskatchewan school district told to monitor dark web following data breach

(Feb 16, 2024) The Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner is requesting a local school district to monitor the dark web for possibly leaked persona... Read More

Canada looks to respond to bank cyber incidents tripling in 2023

(Feb 16, 2024) Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions announced significant cybersecurity incidents reported by Canadian banks almost tripled in 20... Read More

Posting of Jewish Australians PII online could prompt new anti-doxxing legislation

(Feb 15, 2024) Australian lawmakers are expected to pass legislation cracking down on doxxing after approximately 600 Jewish Australians' personally identifiable informatio... Read More

AEPD fines utility company 6.1M euros for GDPR violations

(Feb 15, 2024) Spain's data protection authority, the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, fined utility company Endesa Energía 6.1 million euros for alleged EU General... Read More

Poland's DPA fines e-commerce platform for GDPR violations

(Feb 9, 2024) Poland's data protection authority, Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, issued a PLN3.8 million fine to e-commerce platform for alleged EU General Dat... Read More