Vietnam accuses Facebook of violating new cybersecurity laws

(Jan 10, 2019) In what is regarded as the first enforcement against a foreign technology group after Vietnam enacted its new cybersecurity law, the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information has accused Facebook of violating the law for failing to manage online content, advertising and tax liabilities, the Financial Times reports. “We have a clear process for governments to report illegal content to us, and we review all these requests against our terms of service and local law,” Facebook stated. “We... Read More

Senate reports reveal broad scope of Russian misinformation on social media

(Dec 18, 2018) A pair of reports prepared for the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee found 10 million posts and messages were sent by Russian operatives across all social media platforms, The Washington Post reports. The reports found the operatives sought to sow dischord among American voters. The reports (here and here) found Russian agents used Facebook to target minority voters. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in response her company has taken steps to combat the issue. Meanwhile, Twi... Read More

ECHR rules Hungarian news website not liable for hyperlinking to defamatory content

(Dec 6, 2018) The European Court of Human Rights ruled Hungarian news website should not be liable for hyperlinking to defamatory content, the Press Gazette reports. The website posted an article in 2013 about football supporters who shouted racist remarks. The article included a hyperlink to a YouTube video where a community leader said the people who said the remarks were members of the Jobbik political party. After the members sued, the High Court ordered the website to take down the page. The websi... Read More

French regulators to monitor content moderation efforts

(Nov 13, 2018) As part of a pilot project, a team of French regulators will monitor how Facebook moderates content in an effort to help establish a new model for regulating tech companies, The Wall Street Journal reports. A person familiar with the endeavor said the partnership would provide a “broader and deeper access” to the company’s content moderation efforts than previously ascertained by company outsiders but believed privacy concerns would limit regulators' ability to review actual content. Meanwhile, ... Read More

Romanian government accused of using GDPR to stop investigation

(Nov 12, 2018) The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project claims the Romanian government is using the EU General Data Protection Regulation to interfere with its investigation of government corruption, EUobserver reports. Romania’s data protection authority sent a letter to the OCCRP about its probe, asking the group to turn over Facebook posts that may reveal the journalists' sources. Should the group refuse the demand, it could face a daily fine of 644 euros. Chief European Commission spokesperson ... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Publications Editor, Nov. 2, 2018

(Nov 2, 2018) Greetings from Portsmouth, New Hampshire! For better or worse, election season is here. Even if you don’t follow the news but watch five minutes of television, it’s impossible to avoid the barrage of local and state campaign commercials. I mean, in the last week alone — while I watched the Red Sox win their fourth World Series in the last 14 years — every commercial break featured the latest campaign smears. You know, it goes a little something like, “Candidate A supports man-eating clowns. A v... Read More

IAPP adds new Content Moderation Digest

(Oct 15, 2018) Here at the IAPP, writes President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP, for Privacy Perspectives, we are noticing the rise of an adjacent profession that shares similar issues with the privacy profession. The growth of social media and user-generated content in the last 10 years is prompting more and more companies to hire content moderators, who often deal with similar issues involving law and policy, regulatory scrutiny, and consumer safety and trust. Privacy and content moderation responsibilities... Read More

Introducing: Content Moderation Digest

(Oct 15, 2018) In many ways, 2018 has been "the" year in privacy. The EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect May 25, data protection laws are popping up around the world, global data transfers are growing more complex and essential, an entire market of tech vendors is emerging to meet the needs of the privacy office, and there's even growing consensus for a federal privacy law in the U.S., something that was virtually unthinkable just a year or two ago. This is truly a special, if not demanding... Read More