IAPP GPS 2024: Advice on how to build ethics into an AI program

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Microsoft to develop prompt shields for its AI chatbots

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European Parliament passes landmark AI Act

(Mar 13, 2024) The EU Artificial Intelligence Act was approved by European Parliament 13 March on a 523-46 vote. Despite the passage, the EU's ne... Read More

Garante asks OpenAI for clarity around Sora product

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OECD publishes report on data scraping ethics

(Mar 5, 2024) Duke University Science and Society Fellow Lee Tiedrich wrote for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development about the ethics of data scrapin... Read More

AEPD revises guidance on automated decision-making

(Mar 5, 2024) Spain's data protection authority, the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, released updated guidance on how to evaluate human intervention in automated ... Read More

EU AI Act final vote moved to 13 March

(Feb 29, 2024) The European Parliament's plenary vote on the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act was moved up by one month to 13 March, according to Parliament's draft age... Read More

AI, adtech, children's privacy in sights of ICO for 2024

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White House eyes benefits, risks of open-source vs. closed AI models

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EU AI Act clears major hurdle

(Feb 2, 2024) The landmark EU Artificial Intelligence Act was approved by 27 member states at a 2 Feb. meeting of the Council of the European Union's Committee of Permanen... Read More