Google, media companies negotiate data, advertising

(Jun 30, 2020) Google and European media companies are negotiating over harvesting of readers’ data and advertising, Reuters reports. Publishers planned to use data privacy... Read More

Privacy pros can play a big role in preventing discrimination

(Jun 29, 2020) Preventing discrimination and ensuring equal treatment has become a very important topic, not only for individuals, the general public and authorities, but f... Read More

Researchers: 54 iOS apps access clipboard data

(Jun 29, 2020) Fifty-four iOS apps that researchers previously identified read text from users’ clipboard data, including TikTok, have not stopped the practice, Ars Technic... Read More

Citing privacy concerns, Apple declines 16 new web technologies for Safari

(Jun 29, 2020) Apple said it declined to include 16 new web technologies in its Safari browser due to privacy concerns, ZDNet reports. The company said the new technologies... Read More

Democrats present bill banning law enforcement's facial recognition use

(Jun 26, 2020) Vice reports members of the U.S. Congress introduced a bill prohibiting the use of facial recognition by federal law enforcement. The Read More

NZ Parliament approves Privacy Bill

(Jun 26, 2020) The New Zealand Parliament has passed the Privacy Bill, which will enter into force Dec. 1. The bill, approved after its third reading, repeals the Privacy A... Read More

Privacy advocates fear 'normalizing' of employee surveillance

(Jun 26, 2020) Concerns are growing regarding the extent of and future considerations for employee surveillance rollouts amid COVID-19, Politico reports. While some compani... Read More

EDPB launches GDPR one-stop-shop registry

(Jun 25, 2020) The European Data Protection Board announced the publishing of a Read More

Wash. attorney general orders $100K COPPA fine

(Jun 25, 2020) Washington State Office of the Attorney General announced a $100,000 fine against Super Basic and its parent company, Maple Media, over alleged U.S. Children... Read More

Microsoft launches differential privacy platform

(Jun 25, 2020) Microsoft announced the release of an open-source differential privacy platform to help preserve privacy within datasets. The platform, launched in collabora... Read More