Canada, US begin new phase of cross-border data sharing

(Jul 19, 2019) The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin to share biographic data, travel documents and other data related to border crossings, CBC News reports. The announcement marks the launch of the third phase of the “Beyond the Border” security agreement the two countries agreed to back in 2011. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a statement the cross-border sharing will help the two governments determine how long an individual has been in a country... Read More

Op-ed: Common standards could help Canada's AI sector grow

(Jul 19, 2019) In an op-ed for The Globe and Mail, Centre for International Governance Innovation Senior Fellow Michel Girard writes about the ways to help infuse more data into Canada’s burgeoning artificial intelligence sector. While Canadian AI startups search for data, large tech companies use their resources to garner data to deploy their own AI resources. Girard believes a way to help this issue is for Canada to develop a set of universal standards. “Government, industry and stakeholders can work togethe... Read More

Research shows UK data breach reports tripled since GDPR took effect

(Jul 18, 2019) According to research from law firm RPC, data breach reports in the U.K. have risen by 175% in the last year, Yahoo Finance UK reports. There have been 379 breach reports since the EU General Data Protection Regulation took force last May, while there were just 138 the year prior. "GDPR has driven a cultural shift in how people perceive personal data and its value," RPC Partner Richard Breavington said. "More people now see it as part of their personal property, and they are more likely to act i... Read More

Indian MPs call for TikTok ban

(Jul 18, 2019) Four members of Indian Parliament are pushing for video-sharing app TikTok to be banned in the country, the Financial Times reports. The desire to have TikTok removed stems from recent cases of viral fake and hateful content, along with claims of improper data sharing with China. "Under the guise of freedom of speech, people are using apps like TikTok to spread fake news and malicious content. During Zero Hour in parliament, [I] called for the ban of TikTok and similar apps which pose threat to ... Read More

Big Tech’s Shift to Privacy

(Jul 18, 2019) An overview of the technology sector’s public expressions of privacy initiatives and values. Privacy is top-of-mind for technology companies and their consumers. Since Facebook’s data-sharing practices came under scrutiny following reporting on Cambridge Analytica, consumers and legislators have sharpened their interest in big tech’s use of data. In response, many companies continue to review, refine, and clarify their data practices for the benefit of consumers. Some of that clarification come... Read More

Singapore creates framework for DPO competency

(Jul 18, 2019) ZDNet reports Singapore has designed a framework that outlines core skills and ethical values data protection officers need to best serve organizations in the digital economy. The framework will help educate and train more than 500 DPOs that will take part in a yearlong pilot program. The Personal Data Protection Commission said the framework's ultimate goal of offering best practices for DPOs would help them play a vital role in ensuring data is used responsibly, which, in turn, will support gr... Read More

FaceApp's viral return comes with data security concerns

(Jul 18, 2019) FaceApp, an artificial intelligence–powered photo-editing app, recently resurfaced and brought privacy issues with it, TechCrunch reports. The app has possible vulnerabilities related to its consent mechanism, along with unclear details regarding data uploads. Users are allowed to block the app from accessing their phones' camera rolls, but the app has the ability to override the mechanism. The Russian-based app does not clearly state if the data processing goes on locally. U.S. Senate Minority ... Read More

Prime Day shoppers offered credit to share their data

(Jul 18, 2019) Reuters reports Amazon offered a $10 credit to Prime Day shoppers if users allowed Amazon to track the websites they visited. The deal applied to the purchase of the Amazon Assistant, a comparison-shopping tool that users add to their web browsers. By tracking user web activity, Amazon will then use the data to improve marketing, products and services separate from the assistant. Earlier this week, The New York Times reported the European Commission opened an antitrust investigation to determine... Read More

Social Security Administration to share data with US banks to combat fraud

(Jul 18, 2019) U.S. banks and the Social Security Administration have agreed to share data in an effort to help banks verify identification for credit applications, Bloomberg reports. For years, the SSA had been reluctant to share the data as banks sought a solution to slow increasing cases of identity theft. The data will be used mostly for synthetic identity fraud, which cost the U.S. lenders $6 billion in 2016. "So much of synthetic identity fraud has been targeted around the inability of the private sector... Read More

Thinking through ACL-aware data processing

(Jul 17, 2019) Large cloud computing services are generally run for multiple users. In a few cases, all the data processed by that service is public. In virtually all cases, users have an expectation that some of the information about them is kept private. Even if the data store itself is public, logs about access to that data are generally not. Keeping each person’s information separate is most simple in the primary data stores, where each object can easily have its own access control list. Once we step into... Read More