Looking back at privacy's standing at CES 2019

(Jan 18, 2019) The Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, and thanks in part to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, privacy had a much more notable presence at this year's show. While panelists and startups placed a stronger emphasis on privacy this year, conference attendees still focused primarily on the dazzling technologies on display. In this post for Privacy Tech, IAPP Associate Editor Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US, looks back at his time in Las Vegas to analyze the potential privacy divide betwee... Read More

CES 2019: Did the tech hype surpass privacy concerns this year?

(Jan 18, 2019) CES 2019 has come and gone, and I've flown back from a perfectly comfortable Las Vegas to a chilly New England that's about to get walloped by a mountain of snow. After taking in as much of the conference as I could, it feels like where privacy stood at CES is an accurate representation of how privacy may be a priority for a growing number of companies and industry professionals, but not necessarily for your average Joe. Tech companies and startups are becoming more aware about the importance o... Read More

Clayton asks Alberta government to protect citizens' data from political parties

(Jan 18, 2019) Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton has asked the provincial government to consider alterations to its Personal Information Protection Act to safeguard citizens’ data from political parties, the Edmonton Journal reports. Clayton said even the most basic requirements for political parties’ use of data would be a step in the right direction. Service Alberta Spokesperson Annalise Klingbeil said in an email the government has looked at Clayton’s request. “You would have a right... Read More

Bitkom publishes report on EC's Digital Single Market

(Jan 17, 2019) Bitkom has published a report where it lays out recommendations for the European Commission’s Digital Single Market. The report covers the advancement of key technologies, such as artificial intelligence and high-performance computing and the governance of the digital economy, with focus on topics including cybersecurity, data flows and fintech. Bitkom also lays out its “key messages for our digital future,” placing an emphasis on digital literacy, coherent digital policies and digital represent... Read More

Oyo Hotels' pilot program raises privacy concerns

(Jan 17, 2019) BloombergQuint reports the data sharing behind Oyo Hotels’ digital register pilot program is raising privacy concerns. The plan was first reported by the Business Standard, where it was explained the digital record system would replace traditional registration in an effort to facilitate direct data sharing with “various state governments and law enforcement authorities.” In an emailed statement to BloombergQuint, the hotel company explained this information would be shared after police issued an... Read More

Irish social protection department rejects request to release DPC investigation results

(Jan 17, 2019) Ireland’s Department of Social Protection has rejected a request from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties about an investigation conducted by the Irish Data Protection Commission on public service cards, The Irish Times reports. The Department of Social Protection said it would not release any information about the DPC’s probe due to the potential negative impact it would have on the functionality of the cards. Privacy advocates have been critical of the cards for the use of citizens’ photogra... Read More

Political parties face fines for data misuse under new EU rules

(Jan 17, 2019) Politico reports the European Parliament and European Union member states have agreed to a new set of rules to curb the misuse of personal data to influence elections. Any political party found to have used personal information to influence voter behavior can now be fined under the new law. All EU institutions have approved the law, but Parliament and Council must still formally adopt the final text. "We expect European political parties to fully respect the rules, so that Europeans can cast the... Read More

Study: Majority of Facebook users unaware of data algorithms for targeted ads

(Jan 17, 2019) A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found the majority of Facebook users do not know the platform uses algorithms to collect their information for targeted ads. Of the 963 U.S. Facebook users polled, 74 percent said they were unaware Facebook tracked a list of their interests and traits for their “Your ad preferences” page. When asked how they felt about the ad preferences page, 51 percent said they were not comfortable with the practice. While 59 percent of users said the findings on ... Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for federal US privacy law, data broker crackdown

(Jan 17, 2019) Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterates the need for a federal U.S. privacy law and calls for a crackdown on data brokers in a piece he wrote for Time. Cook writes a federal privacy rule should not only give data rights back to the consumer, but also take aim at data brokers that often conduct deals with companies to obtain information without consumer consent. Cook believes the Federal Trade Commission should create a “data-broker clearinghouse” to place more transparency into the brokers’ practices. “Me... Read More

Web con: 'Data Privacy Control Centers: A New Information Privacy Management Structure?'

(Jan 16, 2019) After the EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 was passed, organizations may need to consider the creation of privacy control centers to continuously monitor consent and rights requests, data risk and movement and other incidents. Join the IAPP Jan. 31 as privacy professionals discuss the ways they have prepared their organizations for compliance readiness and how entities can get a worldwide view of the personal data they possess... Read More