Organizations launch $100M grant for alternatives to ad tracking

(Sep 17, 2019) Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil have announced the launch of a $100 million grant to fund projects that will create alternatives to the ad-tracking business model, CNET reports. Grant for the Web will distribute the money to projects that let content creators make a profit while ensuring the privacy rights of internet patrons are respected. Mozilla Foundation Executive Director Mark Surman said the grant was not established to eliminate ad tracking. "It would be folly to think that magically ... Read More

JPMorgan hacker to plead guilty to cybercrimes

(Sep 17, 2019) Bloomberg reports Russian hacker Andrei Tyurin will plead guilty for his role in a scheme to hack the financial data of 80 million customers at JPMorgan Chase. Tyurin is alleged to have carried out hacks that helped steal hundreds of millions of dollars from JPMorgan clients. The charges of wire and bank fraud come after Tyurin was extradited from Georgia last year in order to face punishment. (Registration may be required to access this story.)Full Story... Read More

Data breach potentially exposes all 17M Ecuadorian citizens

(Sep 17, 2019) ABC News reports more than 20 million individuals, a majority of whom are from Ecuador, had their personal information breached on an unsecured server owned by Novaestrat. Ecuador's population is approximately 17 million people, meaning all citizens, including children, may have been affected by the breach. If obtained by hackers, the exposed information could lead to anything from phone scams to fraud or cyberattacks. Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said he would push through data protection ... Read More

24.3M Lumin PDF users have data exposed

(Sep 17, 2019) ZDNet reports a hacking forum has exposed the personal data of 24.3 million users of the cloud-based service Lumin PDF. Hackers made the data public after allegedly reaching out to Lumin PDF multiple times in recent months. Users' names, email addresses, genders, language settings and hashed password strings or Google access tokens were all part of the exposed data. "The unprotected database was found about [five] months ago," the hacker wrote. "Vendor was contacted multiple times, but ignored a... Read More

France, Germany voice opposition to Libra cryptocurrency

(Sep 16, 2019) French and German governments have announced they will oppose Facebook’s launch of its Libra cryptocurrency, Politico reports. The two countries do not believe the tech company has adequately addressed concerns, including financial security, data protection and financial and monetary sovereignty, that surround the project. “France and Germany consider that the Libra project, as set out in Facebook’s blueprint, fails to convince that those risks will be properly addressed,” the governments said i... Read More

Op-ed: U.S. needs national data broker registry until federal privacy law arrives

(Sep 16, 2019) In an op-ed for The New York Times, Acxiom Chief Data Ethics Officer Jordan Abbott, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, writes the U.S. should establish a national data broker registry to bridge the gap until a federal privacy law is established. A data broker registry can help consumers learn about how their data is used, as well as help to distinguish between legitimate entities and bad actors, Abbott states. “Increasing transparency — initially through a data broker registry and ultimately through a robus... Read More

Federal investigators demand data on thousands of gun scope app users

(Sep 16, 2019) Forbes reports federal investigators have asked Google and Apple to hand over the names of at least 10,000 users of the gun scope app Obsidian 4. The U.S. Department of Justice requested the data in a court order filed Sept. 5. App users can take video, film a live stream and calibrate their gun scope on Android and Apple devices. Privacy advocates are concerned that if the order is approved and complied with, data belonging to innocent people could be released to investigators. Meanwhile, the O... Read More

Web con: 'ISO 27701 Privacy Standard and Certification'

(Sep 13, 2019) The International Organization for Standardization has published the first International Standards for privacy information management. ISO/IEC 27701 gives privacy professionals an internationally recognized set of privacy controls they can build onto their information security management system as part of a global privacy program. Listen to this IAPP web conference as privacy professionals discuss the creation of the new standards, what they call for and how to implement them. Featured speakers ... Read More

ICO asks British government about data collection

(Sep 13, 2019) The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office has reached out to the British government about plans to gather data from the website, BBC News reports. The inquiry comes after a BuzzFeed report revealed U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to use the website as a resource for “targeted and personalised information to be gathered, analysed and fed back actively to support key decision making” with Brexit. “We have contacted Government regarding the collection of personal data on in o... Read More

Attacks could allow hackers to determine data used to train AI, machine learning

(Sep 13, 2019) U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office Artificial Intelligence Research Fellow Reuben Binns and Principal Technology Adviser Andrew Paterson look at two methods malicious actors could use to identify individuals whose data is used to train AI and machine learning systems. If hackers have a person’s data, they could use a model inversion attack to find more information by observing the inputs and outputs of a machine learning model. Membership interference attacks are another method to achieve th... Read More