Notes from the iappANZ, 7 Dec. 2018

(Dec 6, 2018) Greetings from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA! I have just returned from our Data Protection Congress event in Brussels, Belgium, which was full of interesting information on privacy program management, new policy developments, how the EU General Data Protection Regulation is playing out in real life, and Cross-Border Privacy Rules. Yes, CBPRs. Sure, they're a data transfer mechanism geared toward the Asia-Pacific region, but they are increasingly relevant around the globe, and interest in the... Read More

Australia passes controversial encryption law

(Dec 6, 2018) On Thursday, Australia's Parliament passed a bill mandating that technology companies assist the nation's law enforcement to bypass encryption in private messaging apps, Fortune reports. The Assistance and Access Bill will force companies to build so-called backdoors, "but only if the backdoors don't constitute 'systemic weaknesses' in the service's security," the report states. The bill will need royal assent, which, according to the report, is expected before Christmas. The Labor party had tri... Read More

CBA investigates potential data breach

(Dec 6, 2018) The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is investigating a potential data breach that may have allowed staff to access customers’ sensitive medical information, ABC News reports. Discovered in July during preparations for the $3.8 billion sale of its insurance arm, the bank said it has been reviewing records to determine whether the data was "accessed inappropriately." While the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner was informed, the bank did not notify customers as it believed a privacy ... Read More

Council discusses draft framework for responsible use of AI in Singapore

(Dec 6, 2018) Singapore’s Advisory Council on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence and Data convened its inaugural meeting Nov. 30 to discuss a draft model framework on the responsible use of AI, which was published by Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission earlier this year. The meeting brought together members of academia, business and government to provide suggestions on how the framework could be improved. According to Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority, an updated draft of th... Read More

Mozilla hosts roundtable discussion on data use in India

(Dec 6, 2018) Following a closed-door meeting with online companies in India, Quartz interviewed Mozilla’s Urmika Shah and Amba Kak to hear key takeaways from the meeting, how they believe businesses can better protect user privacy, and their thoughts on the future of technology policy in India. Shah, who led the roundtable discussion on responsible data use, said, “I think once the Indian legislation does pass, that will bring more awareness to this issue, so more people will start caring about it.” Kak adde... Read More

Data-sharing platform secures $22M in Series B funding

(Dec 6, 2018) Data-sharing platform Data Republic has secured $22 million in Series B funding and revealed ambitions to create a secure-by-design digital infrastructure that could facilitate a bilateral market between Australia and Singapore, the Financial Review reports. Investors include the venture capital fund of Singtel Group and Singapore Airlines, as well as Qantas and three of Australia’s big banks. Data Republic Co-Founder Paul McCarney said, "The challenge is as data becomes more open it becomes mor... Read More

Considerations for AI in India

(Dec 6, 2018) An article for the Financial Express highlights the legal issues surrounding India’s artificial intelligence industry and identifies key considerations for future regulation. Marking the introduction of India’s Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 and pointing to the question of apportionment of liability, the article lists fundamental questions for consideration. The authors write, “It is hard to escape the reality that AI is here to stay. Therefore, to be at forefront of this revolution, the Ind... Read More

Deal reached on Australia's encryption bill

(Dec 6, 2018) After Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said his party cannot back the complete Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill last week, Labor and the Coalition have reached an in-principle agreement on the bill, the Guardian reports. The deal limits that the bill's power is used only in “serious offences” and adds safeguards to law enforcement agencies’ ability to demand backdoor access to encrypted products. Dreyfus said the bill was “far from perfect and t... Read More

Concerns remain despite agreement on Australia's encryption bill

(Dec 6, 2018) Opposition to Australia’s encryption bill continues despite the recent deal reached by Parliament, The Straits Times reports. While Digital Industry Group said the agreement addressed “some extremely dangerous elements,” it also added, “But the fundamental fact remains that the powers being sought by law enforcement are ill-informed, badly drafted and a gross overreach” and called the bill “deeply flawed.” Australian Cybersecurity Adviser Alastair MacGibbon said, “What this law does is help codi... Read More

Microloan industry raises privacy concerns in China

(Dec 6, 2018) As Chinese millennials find themselves stuck between a high cost of living and low access to credit cards, the microloan industry has seen a proliferation, Vice reports. A recent survey from Ant Financial found that 45 of the 170 million people born after 1990 in China have an Ant Check Later microloan account. As microloan services surge, so too has “naked loan services.” These transactions require the user to supply a nude photo as collateral so that if repayments are not met on time, the lend... Read More