Indian government reiterates intent to table reworked data protection bill

(Sep 30, 2022) The Government of India told the Supreme Court of India that a revised data protection bill will be tabled in Parliament's Winter Session, ANI reports. Durin... Read More

Company launches 'government-focused' biometric data authenticator tool

(Sep 30, 2022) A new solution may strengthen protections for users’ biometric data by utilizing irreversibly transformed identity tokens, Biometric Update reports. Trust St... Read More

Australian officials blame hack on 'lax' security standards

(Sep 30, 2022) Australian police said the hacker who stole data from 10 million Read More

Notes from the Asia-Pacific region, 30 Sept. 2022

(Sep 29, 2022) Kia ora koutou, Privacy news in New Zealand is currently dominated by criticisms of the privacy practices of the New Zealand police, particularly reg... Read More

RMIT professor calls for 'severe penalties' for companies that mishandle personal data

(Sep 29, 2022) In an interview with ABC News, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Associate Dean of Mathematical Studies Asha Rao said Australia should adopt new laws t... Read More

AI text-to-image generator tech outpacing ability to shape 'norms' for its use

(Sep 29, 2022) The use of text-to-image artificial intelligence generators is expanding “faster than AI companies can shape norms around its use,” The Washington Post repor... Read More

US telecom diplomat elected to lead UN International Telecommunication Union

(Sep 29, 2022) U.S. telecoms diplomat Doreen Bogdan-Martin was elected to head the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union, Politico reports. Bogdan-Martin re... Read More

Google Maps offers augmented reality searches

(Sep 29, 2022) Google Maps now features augmented reality in search results, ARS Technica reports. Search results will appear as augmented reality markers in users’ video f... Read More

Company develops first-party data marketing solution

(Sep 29, 2022) In preparation for an advertising technology world without cookies, brands are seeking to develop more first-party data that is compliant with privacy standa... Read More

Roundup: India, Ireland, US and more

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