Notes from the Asia-Pacific region, 25 Sept. 2020

(Sep 24, 2020) ­­Greetings, fellow privacy professionals. I hope you are safe and well. Lots happening in the region since my last blog post, and let’s star... Read More

South Korean DPA issues anonymization, pseudonymization guidance

(Sep 24, 2020) South Korea's Personal Information Privacy Committee published its guidelines for the anonymization and pseudonymization of personal data. The guidance expla... Read More

Committee delay hinders PDPA preparedness

(Sep 24, 2020) A delay in Thailand's Personal Data Protection Committee’s formation is anticipated to hinder preparedness for the Personal Data Protection Act, the Bangkok ... Read More

NPC issues guidelines for Filipino online learning

(Sep 24, 2020) The Philippines' National Privacy Commission published guidance for online learning, addressing student privacy and the prevention of school data breaches. I... Read More

Indian health group questions privacy in health data policy

(Sep 24, 2020) The All India Organization of Chemists & Druggists submitted comments to government authorities on India's draft policy of the Health Data Management Pol... Read More

PIPC addresses Japan's telework risks

(Sep 24, 2020) Japan's Personal Information Protection Commission issued an advisory regarding potential data breaches and leaks associated with remote work. PIPC offered t... Read More

1.45M cybersecurity incidents reported in India since 2015

(Sep 24, 2020) Cybersecurity monitoring agency Cert-In informed India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that 1.45 million cybersecurity attacks on Indian... Read More

Ransomware attack targets Anglicare Sydney

(Sep 24, 2020) The ransomware theft of potentially sensitive information belonging to Anglicare Sydney is under investigation, ABC News reports. The nonprofit that holds ad... Read More

PDPC releases annual 'Personal Data Protection Digest'

(Sep 22, 2020) Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission announced the " Read More

TikTok data protection questions persist in US, Australia

(Sep 22, 2020) Fox Business reports skepticism remains as to whether the U.S. TikTok partnership between Read More