Worldcoin Foundation releases open-source data protection system

(May 17, 2024) The Worldcoin Foundation released an open-source system based on multiparty computation and claimed it sets a new standard for sensitive data protection, The... Read More

NZ student graduates with Master of Information Governance degree

(May 17, 2024) University of Auckland graduate Tiffany Sze will begin her career researching data collected from consumers through supermarket loyalty programs after being ... Read More

New Zealand police plan use of biometric tools 

(May 16, 2024) New Zealand police plan to replace fingerprint scanners with biometric recording devices to identify fingerprints from police stations and crime scenes, RNZ ... Read More

Hong Kong's PCPD urges vigilance with cloud platform login protections

(May 16, 2024) Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data is urging cloud platform providers to make sure passwords and access security are valid and ... Read More

The 2024 IAPP Governance Survey's potential window into AI governance

(May 15, 2024) As artificial intelligence technology enters into a wide variety of business functions, the IAPP Research and Insights Team invites industry stakeholders to ... Read More

NZ OPC's survey shows consumers want control over data

(May 14, 2024) A majority of New Zealand residents are concerned about their privacy rights, according to results of a biennial survey conducted by the Office of the Privac... Read More

Analyzing the legal implications of using SDKs

(May 8, 2024) With increased regulatory scrutiny on the use of software development kits, privacy professionals working for app developers are left to consider lawful inco... Read More

TikTok sues US government over divestment law

(May 8, 2024) TikTok sued the U.S. government over the new law forcing its parent company, ByteDance, to divest itself of the app or face a ban in the U.S., The New York T... Read More

Singapore approves Cybersecurity Act updates

(May 7, 2024) The Straits Times reports on a proposed update to a law giving Singapore's Cyber Security Agency more oversight of high-risk computer systems. The bill would... Read More

NZ's OPC releases credit reporters' annual compliance reports

(May 7, 2024) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand released compliance reviews for three major credit reporting companies for the 2022-23 period. The agen... Read More