Welcome to the IAPP style guide.

Let’s start with what this guide is not. It is not an attempt to be a hard-and-fast, slap-you-on-the-wrist-if-you-don’t-follow-it-exactly set of rules and regulations.

It is a tool to help you deliver on our brand promise. Our brand isn’t just logos and colors. It’s the feeling people get when they think about the IAPP and what they remember about their interactions with us.

We want to make sure our members get value from their membership and feel valued as part of our organization.

Every time you connect with a member, customer or partner—whether it’s on the phone, in an e-mail, on social media, or through a brochure or white paper—you have a direct impact on our perception, and ultimately, our success.

We’re a bunch of smart-fun-get stuff done people who care a lot about what we do and how it helps our members and friends of the IAPP. This guide is just one tool to help you make sure it shows.

Our Mission

The IAPP is a not-for-profit association founded in 2000 with a mission to define, support and improve the privacy profession globally.

We are committed to providing a forum for privacy professionals to share best practices, track trends, advance privacy management issues, standardize the designations for privacy professionals and provide education and guidance on opportunities in the field of information privacy.



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