Sr. Privacy & Compliance Analyst, Epson America, Inc, Los Alamitos, CA

The Senior Privacy and Compliance Analyst will be responsible for Privacy and Compliance Strategy Planning and will develop a strategic road map to evolve the privacy and risk management programs within Epson America, Inc. This is an exciting opportunity to work aside the IT Security Team and help shape and evolve our privacy programs.

Summary of Duties:

  • Privacy and Risk Management Strategic Planning
  • Conduct gap analysis and assessment of privacy and risk Management programs
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to evolve the privacy and risk management programs
  • Develop continuous improvements to privacy governance & risk management program
  • Enforce Policies and Procedures
  • Provide regular program status reports and metrics to management
  • Fulfill internal and external program audits or assessments
  • Assist in the development and delivery of privacy training and awareness
  • Participate in external data privacy-related organizations to share and collaborate on best practices
  • Planning, designing, and implementing an overall risk management process for privacy.
  • Conduct privacy impact assessments to assess and mitigate risks related to processing, transmission, and storage of PII data specific privacy-related requirements and potential vulnerabilities, including managing the privacy impact assessment process
  • Participate in new business initiatives and product development activities to identify and escalate privacy considerations.
  • Ensure that business units, vendors are complying with privacy program and meeting privacy policy requirements and address privacy concerns.
  • Collaborate with and assist business units to develop corrective action plans for identified privacy compliance issues.
  • Continuously monitor the status and effectiveness of privacy controls
  • Ensure privacy-related key risk indicators are effectively monitored to prevent an unacceptable impact on business objectives and reputation.
  • Lead and coordinate business group privacy activities, which include implementation and adherence to policies in data privacy and security
  • Assist with implementing privacy and data protection requirements, including Privacy by Design architecture
  • Support the creation of an inventory that documents how we collect, shares, and uses personal data. (Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Inventory and Usage)
  • Continually update and re-evaluate the extent to which customer and employee information is collected and shared internally and externally.
  • Monitor the data request and usage processes matters for personal data across
  • Maintain registry of data stores and processes that affect personal information from associates and customers.
  • Participate in security and privacy incident investigations, incident tracking, response plans, and activities related to security and privacy.

Application Submission Information:

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