Director - Intake and Informal Case Resolution, Office of the Ombudsman, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Reporting to the Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC, the Director directs the activities of the informal case resolution and intake functions to ensure that these activities are managed efficiently and consistent with the Office’s vision and mandates. The Director provides oversight of the ICR Team and the Intake Officer to ensure information conveyed is in accordance with the Acts, information gathered supports decisions made, findings made are based on sound legal analysis, recommendations made remedy non-compliance and align with the focus of the Office, agreements entered into clearly specify the terms agreed on, and where appropriate reports are generated for educational purposes. The Director provides vision, leadership and strategic guidance as it relates to these activities while maintaining the integrity of the Office through ensuring quality service. The Director is the Acting Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC when s/he is absent.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages the effective delivery of intake and informal case resolution of complaints, reviews and disclosures received under the Acts in accordance with the goals and values of the Office while honouring administrative fairness and natural justice. Is accountable for strategic planning, delivery, and evaluation of the intake and early case resolution processes.
  • Directs the Intake Officer and ICR Team in the management of intake and informal case resolution of complaints, reviews and disclosures received under the Acts. Provides expertise and guidance on the interpretation and application of the Acts and regulations, along with applicable statutes, regulations, policies and procedures. In consultation with the Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC as needed, instructs the Intake Officer to open and assign complaints, reviews and disclosures received.
  • Directs, manages and implements strategic planning of human and financial resources required for intake, which includes the registrar function, and informal case resolution by setting and evaluating performance targets for the Intake Officer and ICR Team, providing training and the tools necessary for these individuals to perform effectively, developing policies and procedures related to these functions, and managing the budgetary requirements, including resources, operational and capital, and, monitoring expenditures. 
  • Directs development and planning of intake policy and procedure to ensure that:
    •  resources are assigned to ensure proper management
    • enquiries are managed effectively and in accordance with the Acts
    • documents are developed, such as complaint and intake management forms and communications material, as required to facilitate ease of making a complaint or requesting a review
    • persons wishing to make a complaint, request a review, or make a disclosure are provided with sufficient and accurate information to assist in their decision-making about whether to proceed; e. all jurisdictional issues are properly addressed and referrals made are appropriate
    • files are opened and properly managed to ensure they are complete prior to assignment and investigation and in accordance with the information management policies and procedures
    • documents required to support intake are developed
    • data, including statistical, is properly entered in to the data management system; i. matters resolved at intake are in accordance with the Acts
    • contacts and distribution lists are maintained
    • the registrar manages inquiries and considerations properly
    • any other duties of the Intake Officer are effectively performed.
  • Directs the development and planning of informal case resolution policy and procedure to ensure that:
    • the procedure used ensures timely resolution of complaints and quality service delivery
    • documents required to support early case resolutions are developed
    • early case resolution of complaints, reviews and disclosure have sound management plans that are executed within the target timeframes
    • findings made as part of an early case resolution are based on existing guidance, precedence and sound legal analysis in accordance with the Acts and can be supported if challenged
    • agreements made to conclude an early case resolution contain remedial recommendations that are based on the findings and recommendations and are tracked and followed up on to ensure implementation
    • files are complete and kept in accordance with information management policies and procedures
    • data entry is complete and accurate
    • management of a complaint, review or disclosure is escalated to the Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC where required
    • there is consistency in the management of early case resolutions
    • any other duties of the Investigator/Mediators within working within the ECR team are effectively performed.
  • Conducts regular audits of the policy and procedure developed in support of the intake and informal case resolution and works with the Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC to modify the policy and procedure as necessary to ensure quality performance.
  • Manages own case files.
  • Works with the Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC to develop the vision and strategic direction of the Office.
  • Acts as acting Ombudsman, IPC and PIDC when s/he is absent.


  • strategic planning, and policy and procedure development in support of goals and objectives
  • planning and delivering services to achieve operational mandates
  • leading and coaching staff, team building, and performance management
  • managing budgets
  • planning and conducting complex investigations while adhering to the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness
  • superior knowledge of:
    • researching, interpreting and applying law and policy to complex issues
    • gathering and analyzing evidence
    • making findings
  • negotiating with opposing parties to settle complaints
  • building positive relationships with individuals, including senior government officials and health care providers, to achieve outcomes
  • utilizing quality assurance mechanisms to improve performance.

The Director must also have university degree in a related discipline and at least 5 years of investigative experience in statutory compliance, public sector oversight, or other public administration capacities, and a minimum of 5 years of progressively more responsible experience in public sector management roles.

It would be beneficial for the Director to have:

  • a law degree
    • privacy certification as a CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional), CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager), IAPP (Information Access and Protection of Privacy) Certificate, CIAPP (Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals) Certification, or equivalent
    • essentials for Ombuds training
  • experience working with ombudsman, access, privacy, and public interest disclosure legislation
  • experience working with or for the office of an Ombudsman, Information and Privacy Commissioner and Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner
  • experience managing intake of complaints
  • knowledge of the role and function of a registrar

Candidates with a law degree will be given preference. For more information about the position and to review the detailed job description for the Investigator and Compliance Review Officer visit the Office’s website at: Only those applicants selected for an interview will be notified. Thank you for your interest in this position.

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