Data Privacy and Records Partner, QVC UK, Chiswick Park, London, UK

Manage Eu And Uk Data Privacy Program

  • Act as key stakeholder in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Working Group to design,  implement, and maintain GDPR-compliant data privacy practices
  • Develop risk-based, pragmatic data privacy solutions in collaboration with other functional leads in Legal, Information Security, Information Technology, and Procurement
  • Manage relationships with EU-based leadership to anticipate business needs that may be affected by data privacy initiatives and to provide SME guidance in data privacy law
  • Assist QVC's global data privacy officer and other members of data privacy and compliance teams in the continued development, operation and enforcement of QVC's global data privacy program 

Implementation of qvc's eu/uk privacy-focused records retention program by directly working on records retention matters, including the maintenance and enforcement of QVC's records retention policy.

  • Promote records program with a focus on data privacy protection and champion, communicate records risks and champion good records maintenance and handling practices to business users of records

Actively monitor important developments in uk/eu data privacy and records laws with a particular focus on the impact of Brexit on QVC's global data privacy compliance program.

  • Participate in data privacy and records activities with outside retail and data privacy groups to help promote workable data privacy and records solutions for broadcast/e-commerce retailers
  • Engage in ongoing education to understand best practices in data privacy and records and to project credibility in the areas of data privacy and records when communicating with internal stakeholders and third parties

Provide leadership in developing practical privacy review and data protection impact assessment (PIA) process with a concentration on EU / UK specific requirements to assure that the internal use of personal data by QVC and the external use of personal data by QVC third party service providers is appropriately measured and assured

  • Engage with departments across QVC's EU business and with locations across the EU to understand business practices and unique business needs that may be affected by privacy review and PIAs
  • Establish relationships with Germany Works Council and France DUP to ensure that global data privacy and records efforts are appropriately responsive to the interests of these groups

Demonstrate expertise in best data privacy and records practices by effectively communicating key data privacy and records requirements and developments to EU and UK based leadership and other internal business stakeholders who may be affected by changes in data privacy and records law

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