Attorney, California Privacy Protection Agency, Telework/Office if needed

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA)’s mission is to protect Californians’ consumer privacy. The CPPA implements and enforces the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Its responsibilities include: 1) rulemaking in a highly complicated, technical, sometimes contested, and nuanced area; 2) supporting awareness across California’s diverse population on issues related to privacy and data security, including the new rights provided to them by the law; and 3) preparing for administrative enforcement of those rights. Please visit our website for more information about us at

Detailed Position Description:

  • Assist with investigating violations of the CCPA in administrative enforcement actions. Review consumer complaints and other leads obtained internally or from other sources. Interview consumers, assist with discovery of relevant facts, prepare notices, letters, and administrative subpoenas, interview witnesses, and consult with experts. Analyze facts and make legal recommendations and assist with evaluating potential defenses.  Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies and other privacy and data security regulators at state, federal, and international levels, and consult with and assist the Attorney III/IV regarding strategic and legal decisions in the handling of cases, complaint trends, and enforcement strategy.
  • Assist in preparing for the Agency in probable cause hearings and in administrative enforcement actions before Administrative Law Judges. Assist with the development of evidence, prepare witnesses, draft pleadings and legal briefs, attend hearings, assist with preparing oral arguments, and evaluate and advise on settlement of administrative cases.
  • Review and advise on proposed legislation related to administrative enforcement, collaborate with other government agencies or authorities on enforcement matters. Provide assistance on agency rulemaking proceedings.
  • Assist in the development of the Agency’s sworn complaint system and policies regarding the review, processing, and management of complaints. Assist in developing guidance for businesses regarding compliance responsibilities and promoting public awareness of privacy rights.

Application Submission Information:

Open until filled with a priority review date of October 13, 2023.

Must reside in California at time of appointment. Telework is available for this position; however, changes to the telework program are at the Agency’s discretion. Remote-centered employees may be required to report in person to one of the agency's multiple reporting locations, as determined by management, and may be required to utilize a shared workspace or “hotel” when working in the office.

Candidates with a four (4) year degree please submit your application using UEI website at: