IAPP Privacy Vanguard Award

The IAPP Privacy Vanguard Award recognizes one IAPP member each year who demonstrates exceptional leadership, knowledge and creativity in privacy and data protection.


Congratulations to our 2019 IAPP Vanguard Award winner- Bojana Bellamy!

Recognizing her for more than 20 years of leadership on privacy protection, the IAPP presented Bojana Bellamy with its Vanguard Privacy Award at the 2019 Global Privacy Summit. Read more about Bojana’s accomplishments and career as a privacy advocate here.


2020 Privacy Vanguard Award Submission Process

Award Criteria

We’re looking for individuals who show exceptional leadership, knowledge and creativity in the field of privacy and data protection, whether through spearheading projects or programs that positively impact the profession or through achievements over the course of an entire tenure or career.


The executive committee of the IAPP Board of Directors reviews the nomination materials and additional evidence and selects the winner by majority vote.

Throughout the judging process, the executive committee may contact the candidates, nominating parties, authors of support letters and other individuals relating to the nomination to verify or gain additional information.

The winner will be notified privately by the IAPP, but we keep it under wraps until the award ceremony.



Submissions for the 2020 IAPP Privacy Vanguard Award will be accepted in January 2020.

Please email any questions to awards@iapp.org.