Justify Your Trip

There are countless reasons to attend the hottest privacy and security conference of the year. Instead of listing them all—because that would take all day—here are the top reasons you’ll want to be at P.S.R. this October, plus a customizable letter to get approval for your trip to San Diego:

  • Discover best practices and emerging trends
    With 1,600+ cloud security and privacy pros gathering for intense education and discussion, you’ll learn new ideas and practices that will prepare you to tackle your organization’s top challenges.
  • Know your privacy/cloud security counterparts
    In addition to targeted education, you’ll have exclusive access to today’s top privacy and cloud security experts—with myriad opportunities to network and exchange ideas and approaches.
  • The “X” factor
    It’s the little things that matter, and we’ve got the little things covered. From friendly staff to our amazing receptions, we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Need help convincing your boss?

Budgets are tight, and it’s hard to justify time out of the office, so we’ve created a customizable letter to help you prove that attending will be well worth it. Just download, customize, send to your boss and get ready to go to San Diego.

Download the letter