What a stellar week! P.S.R. 2016 brought together 1,300 privacy and cloud security pros for four days of sold-out trainings, riveting presentations and engaging networking. Thought leaders from around the globe took on the many ground-breaking policy issues of 2016. We covered the full spectrum, from the big picture to the nuts and bolts, and we had a blast in the process!

Our keynotes broke the mold with schema-shifting perspective, by challenging attendees’ notions of identity and fairness, forcing each one of us to consider anew how we manage our online selves and where we set the line between public and private. Never have security and privacy seemed more topical, vital or connected.

Many thanks to our attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for an enlightening and entertaining conference.

If you missed out, catch the highlights below:

Phenomenal Keynotes

Gerhard Eschelbeck

VP Security and Privacy Engineering, Google

Perhaps best known for his Laws of Vulnerabilities, Eschelbeck has deep experience in marrying cloud security and privacy tech with business needs to create solutions that change the way businesses operate.

Chris Kelly

Entrepreneur and Activist

As the first-ever CPO of Facebook, Chris Kelly was on the front lines of many of the early decisions about how social network data would be collected and used. Now, as a consultant and angel investor to some of the most innovative tech start-ups, he has a unique view of privacy policy and practice, which informs his thoughts on the best way forward for data use and the American economy.

Monica Lewinsky

Social Activist, Writer, Public Speaker

Addressing such topics as survival, resilience, digital reputation and equality, Lewinsky will share firsthand perspective on private shame as a very public and in-demand online commodity.

Cathy O’Neil

Author, Scientist, Mathematician,

O’Neil, the self-described Math Babe, in her book Weapons of Math Destruction examines how big data threatens democracy by creating inequality where no one can see it. How can privacy pros potentially head that off at the pass?

Jeffrey Rosen

President and CEO, National Constitution Center, Professor of Law, George Washington University

A foremost authority and thinker on the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court of the U.S., Rosen will explore how European ideas of the Right to be Forgotten jibe with the First Amendment and ingrained freedom of expression and the press in the U.S.

What a Sizzling Program!

Usability Drives Security

Designing a secure solution for wide adoption is non-trivial. We saw real examples from building Dropbox illustrate how usable solutions create stronger security.

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