For Faculty

Welcome Faculty!

Thank you for contributing to the IAPP Data Protection Intensive: France 2019. To help ensure your session’s success, please follow these important instructions:

Due now: Check the online schedule to see your session date and time

  • Please review the title and description for your session. These have been created by our internal programming team with consultation from our EU Advisory Board. Please create your presentation with your co-faculty, if any, to match this title and description. If you have questions, contact Programming & Speaker Coordinator Ashleigh Austin.

Due now: Send us your portrait and biography

  • If we have this information on file, we’ve posted it to our website. If yours are missing or outdated, please email your updates to Ashleigh Austin at Biographies should be 100 words maximum, and portraits must be .jpeg or .tiff format, 300 x 300 pixels or better.

8 January at 16:00 CET (10 a.m. EST): Attend faculty orientation web conference

  • All faculty are required to participate in this web conference led by Content Director Sam Pfeifle.
  • We will review demographics of our audience, logistics of the event, deadlines, and tips for making your session a success.
  • Ashleigh Austin will send a calendar invite with instructions on how to log on.

25 January: Send draft presentations

  • Send electronic copies of your presentation drafts, outlines, PowerPoints and/or handouts to Ashleigh.
  • All faculty must use the IAPP event-specific PPT template provided here.

4 February: Send final presentations

  • Send electronic copies of your presentation and handouts in PPT format to Ashleigh by end of day.
  • If you are on a panel, you must combine presentations into one deck.
  • You are required to bring your presentation on a USB key with you to the conference. If this is not possible, please contact Ashleigh.

Please Note:

  • If you miss deadlines we may need to cancel your session and complimentary pass. We are thrilled to have you on board and really don’t want to do that.
  • Need to make a change to faculty, panellists or presentation content? It’s important to run it by us. Please contact Ashleigh immediately if you need to make adjustments.

Get social! Use the hashtag #DPI19 to make sure everyone in your network knows you’re speaking at the Intensive.

Promote your session on social media!

Download your “I’m Speaking” graphic for the appropriate platform:


Below we’ve included suggested text for posting to your social platforms. But feel free to make the message your own:

I'm speaking at the IAPP DPI France! Register here to join me: #DPI19
Join me at #DPI19 where I will be speaking on [INSERT YOUR SESSION TITLE]. Register here:

Hey, #privacypros! I’m speaking at the @PrivacyPros #DPI19 in Paris. Register here to join me:
Things to consider:

See our Code of Conduct at IAPP events.