Continuing education

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

Mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) is a requirement of many U.S. state bar associations and applies to attorneys and legal professionals licensed to practice law in jurisdictions within the U.S.

We  are requesting live, in-person accreditation for this event in many jurisdictions with MCLE, and up to 25.25 MCLE credits are possible. Please view the number of credits we were approved up to within your state.

Special Note: While some sessions at the conference will be recorded and placed on the website, these sessions were only eligible for MCLE credits if you attended in person. We did not apply for virtual accreditation; therefore, strictly virtual viewings of these sessions will not be eligible for MCLE credits.

Answers to common MCLE related questions can be found here.

To get MCLE credit:

  1. Throughout the conference: For each session you attend that you’d like credit for, have your name badge scanned when you enter. New Jersey and New York licensed attorneys will also need their badges scanned by an IAPP staff member, when leaving each session.
  2. Post-conference: Action required for attorneys seeking MCLE's from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023 conference. All Summit attendees will receive a link to our online MCLE Credit Application form in the post-event MCLE email. If you are seeking MCLE's from Summit 2023 you must complete the online Credit Application form prior to the deadline of April 19, 2023. Once the Credit Application window has closed, IAPP will contact you with further information on reporting MCLE credits to your state of licensure. Most MCLE states allow attorneys to self-report their own credits. IAPP will defer to the attorney to report and pay for their own credits in states where it is optional. IAPP is only responsible for reporting fees in states where the sponsor is required to report attendance and pay fees. If you have additional questions, please contact your state bar or the IAPP at:

Please note: If you are licensed in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and South Dakota you are not required to maintain CLE credits and therefore do not need to submit an online MCLE application. Be sure to check your state bar MCLE regulations as some jurisdictions do not accredit sponsor programs but require CLEs, so attorneys will need to self-file.

Important: Each state has its own MCLE rules and regulations, including its own definition of MCLE. As a result, certain IAPP programs may not receive credit in some states.

Please contact us with any questions.


IAPP Continuing Privacy Education (CPE)

If you’re looking for CPE credits for your IAPP credential, this conference qualifies.

Available CPEs at Summit:

Main conference: 12 CPEs

Active Learning: 3 CPEs per half-day session | 6 CPEs per full day session

IAPP Training (see details below): 13 CPEs per class

Certification Writer’s Workshop: Certification Exam Questions: 8 CPEs

Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection: 6.5 CPEs

To get credit:

You don’t need to do anything. Credits will automatically be applied to each designation you hold (if you hold multiple, credits will be applied to all) within two weeks of the conference. To earn CPE credits for IAPP privacy training at this event, you must already be certified prior to the event. If your credits don’t appear on your CPE Summary within 30 days after the event, please contact us.

IAPP networking activities don’t count for CPEs.

Read our official CPE policy.

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