A Monumental Conference for
A Profession at Crossroads

Our work is deeply human. Data is the new oil. The most expensive thing in the world is trust.

These are just a few of the memorable takeaways from the IAPP’s most successful event ever. Summit delivered some serious perspective, and serious inspiration for a groundbreaking year ahead. You know the work of privacy pros is important. Now the rest of the world is taking notice, too.

From the main stage to the podiums of breakout sessions, leading voices from the EU and worldwide reminded attendees the purpose of new regulations—GDPR, ePrivacy, and others—is a human one. Many countries are declaring that individuals have fundamental privacy rights, and those rights should be protected. In fact, the ePrivacy Regulation “is about freedom, justice and equality as basic principles for a free and democratic society,” explained keynote speaker MEP Birgit Sippel.

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Powerful Keynotes Shook the Foundations

Monica Lewinsky

Social Activist, Writer, Public Speaker
Photography Credit: Damon Winter/The New York Times/Redux

Addressing such topics as survival, resilience, digital reputation and equality, Lewinsky shared firsthand perspective on private shame as a very public and in-demand online commodity. Her inspirational take-home for attendees: shame cannot survive compassion.

Viviane Reding

MEP, International Trade, TiSA Rapporteur

The vice president of the European Commission challenged conference attendees, “Do you want to be a standard maker or a standard taker?” MEP Reding oversaw the original drafting of the GDPR. Now, as MEP she oversees the EU's position in global trade, including the digital economy.

Jon Ronson

Writer, Broadcaster, Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker

Ronson, author of “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed,” examined the anxieties of social media and the way the internet is changing everything. In a keynote packed with startling examples, he described the global fascination with shaming as “toddlers crawling toward a handgun.”

Simon Schama

Professor, Columbia University; Contributing Editor, Financial Times

To look forward, we must know the past. Such is Simon Schama’s specialty—and he delivered a chilling snapshot of the state of the world today, and its significance. “Real history is not for the faint hearted,” warned Schama.

Birgit Sippel

MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

The rapporteur for the EU’s new ePrivacy Regulation took the stage and greeted the crowd with a simple, yet worrying declaration, “We need to talk.” The basis of her talk? Privacy is about freedom, justice and equality in the 21st century. And it’s all of us—the privacy pros—at the helm.

Summit Ripples Across Social


And the Award Goes To

The IAPP’s Leadership and Vanguard Awards are presented to pioneers and innovators in the field of privacy. We were honored to present the 2018 awards at a special morning ceremony. 


IAPP Leadership Award

Lorrie Faith Cranor, CIPT

IAPP Vanguard Award

Henriette “Jetty” Tielemans

Blockbuster Breakout Sessions

Believe it or not, the GDPR wasn’t the only topic on everyone’s agendas, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so from its standing-room-only crowds. Attendees also got a big serving of HIPAA, data security, emerging tech (will today’s blockchain be tomorrow’s dial-up?), a conversation with Max Schrems, and a panel discussion with officials from the Department of Justice.

GDPR 2.0

Helen Dixon, Commissioner, Office of the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, and moderator Ruth Boardman spoke to a packed room about GDPR preparation and the daunting reality of non-compliance fines.

Department of Justice Perspective on Key Surveillance Controversies

Straight from the DOJ, this hot session streamed live on C-Span. Two long-time, leading Department of Justice officials discussed a range of current criminal and national security surveillance issues and the privacy considerations behind them.

Shamelessly Scraping the Web: The Ethics of Collecting Data from Public Profiles

What timing, right? With Facebook and Cambridge Analytica making headlines during the Summit, this session couldn’t have been more relevant.

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