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Available Beta Exam Dates: 13 November – 2 December

Registration closes 10 November

Members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) may all speak the language of privacy and data protection, but we speak it in many different languages.

That’s why we’ve translated our gold standard CIPP/E and CIPM exam into French and German. Beta testing of the translated exam takes place in November, and we’d like to offer you the opportunity to participate.

By signing up to take one of our new in-language beta tests, you’ll not only be helping us to launch these exams, you’ll be able to save significantly on your exam fee. In fact, we’d like to offer you our discounted rate of $100.00 per exam—that’s a savings of up to $900 if you take both exams!

But first, let’s answer a few questions you might have.

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What is the CIPP/E credential?
The Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) encompasses pan-European and national data protection laws, key privacy terminology and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and trans-border data flows. Achieving a CIPP/E credential shows you have the comprehensive GDPR knowledge, perspective and understanding to ensure compliance and data protection success in Europe—and to take advantage of the career opportunity this sweeping legislation represents.

What is the CIPM credential?
The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you don’t just know privacy regulations—you know how to make it work for your organization. In other words, you’re the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to privacy.

Will these certifications prepare me for the GDPR?
Yes. The IAPP’s CIPP/E and CIPM are the ANSI/ISO-accredited, industry-recognized combination for GDPR and DPO readiness.

Are these new IAPP tests?
No. The questions on the exams are the same as our ANSI/ISO accredited CIPP/E and CIPM exams, translated into French and German.

What is a beta exam?
Before any new test can be put into the testing rotation, it has to be evaluated to make sure that it is statistically similar to the others currently in use. This is the goal of our upcoming beta tests: to ensure in-language versions are of the same difficulty as the English language exams.

Where and when can I take the exams?
The beta exam will be available at our more than 800 computer-based testing centers around the world. Please note there are limited windows for testing.

Here’s the schedule:

  • CIPP/E in French: 13 November – 2 December
  • CIPP/E in German: 13 November – 2 December
  • CIPM in French: 13 November – 2 December
  • CIPM in German: 13 November – 2 December

Registration for all beta exams closes 10 November  

How is the beta test administered?
The beta tests are administered in French or German and both the CIPP/E and the CIPM exams have 90 multiple choice questions. You’ll have two and a half hours to complete the exam.

How should I prepare?
The CIPP/E and CIPM training programs are currently offered in English and available in an online, self-paced training format or in-person at the following locations:

But that’s not the only way to prepare and completing a training course doesn’t guarantee passing an exam. Additional preparation is essential, so check out our tips for success

How do I register?
That’s the easy part. Just click the button to register and pay for your discounted beta test

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Thanks in advance for participating, and good luck with your exam(s)!

Please allow three to four weeks for your test results.
If you need to retake the exam, just wait 30 days and try again at the standard IAPP retake rate of $375.