Elinor Wahal


European Commission

Legal and Policy Officer, Artificial Intelligence Policy

Elinor Wahal is a Legal and Policy Officer at the European Commission’s Unit for AI Policy Development and Coordination.

As an EU and International AI Governance Expert, Elinor contributes to the European Commission's Artificial intelligence policy development, its AI regulatory framework, as well as the European Union's international strategy for AI policy.

Prior to joining the European Commission, Elinor was Director at the global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, where she led the European and International activities on AI policy.

Elinor’s experience also includes working with WHO’s digital health team and the OECD. In Paris, she worked on AI and its policy implications at the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science & Technology, and she lectured on Innovation at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

Elinor was editor of the collective volume Unboxing AI: Understanding Artificial Intelligence (Fondazione Feltrinelli Editore, 2021), and authored multiple international academic publications on AI and digital policy.


Contributions by Elinor Wahal