Sasha Beharilal



Compliance and Regulatory Manager

Sasha is currently the privacy associate at 2U, Inc where she is responsible for providing support to the business and managing privacy compliance within the Cape Town office. Her role is highly collaborative and includes contract review, conducting privacy impact assessments, being a stakeholder in tech and marketing initiatives to drive privacy by design, as well as providing training and attending to external and internal data protection queries. 


She holds a bachelor of commerce in law, a postgraduate LLB degree and is currently completing a masters in commerce in leadership.  She enjoys the merger of commerce and law as she firmly believes that privacy should not be considered in isolation and it is important to have a firm grasp on business operations in order to be a strong support function and drive privacy compliance. 


Sasha has previously worked at a Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) law firm where she gained valuable experience in data protection, cyber security, broadcasting, media and general commercial matters. In addition, she has written various articles on the aforementioned topics.