Serge Jorgensen


Sylint Group

Founding Partner

“Serge Jorgensen is founding partner and CTO of the Sylint Group. He provides strategic guidance and active oversight in the areas of computer security, incident response, counter cyber-warfare, eDiscovery, and security architecture. Before co-founding the Sylint Group, Mr. Jorgensen was Vice President of LoCast Corporation, where he directed the development and subsequent patent of HIPM-compliant patient location and status-tracking technologies. Mr. Jorgensen is a nationally recognized speaker on cyber security, actively participating in the Sedona Conference, American Bar Association, and RSA Conference.

He has directed the development of several leading-edge security applications, provided response and remediation guidance to multi-billion-dollar international espionage and cyber-security attacks, and directed, tasked and managed multi-million-dollar litigation, forensic and electronic discovery efforts.”


Contributions by Serge Jorgensen