Alexander Roth




Alexander Roth specializes in contract and commercial law, civil and commercial litigation and business law. He has a Masters in Business and Tax Law from the University of Paris II, Panthéon-Assas and five years of experience as a manager at JURISFORM Sarl, a vocational training company for independent legal professionals. He speaks English, French, Italian and German. At Rothpartners, three languages are spoken, written and used daily: English, German and French. Three languages of support and correspondence complement the trilingual expertise: Italian, Russian and Mandarin. Biculturalism or multiculturalism surround each member of Rothpartners. Essentially oriented towards the world of business deals, companies and their executives, Rothpartners offers consulting, arbitration and litigation for companies whose markets are Europe and the world. With a head office in Paris and a secondary office in Brussels, home to European institutions, Rohtpartners comprises 8 lawyers and 3 staff members. The practice thrives amongst a group of lawyers with VOVAN & Associes, an international practice, lending complementary expertise in business consulting and litigation.