Jerry’s career spans in excess of 30 years, and includes having founded professional services companies, as well as having built a global services business unit at a Fortune 250 Company. He has provided consulting and expert services for a multitude of clients. In 2002, Jerry was court approved to oversee all of the investigations and eDiscovery at post-bankruptcy Enron, which lasted for 3 ½ years.

Jerry is a former prosecutor in Manhattan, and a seasoned data privacy, data protection and data governance expert. He has written extensively, and has also been invited to speak at conferences as a guest lecturer. He has managed an extensive number of highly complex investigations throughout the globe, and is known for providing sound advice and counsel – and for having impeccable integrity. He has achieved 13 professional credentials during his career. Jerry has spent his career in both the private and government sectors.

As the founder of a leading legal advisory services and technology company, Jerry assisted clients with a myriad of data privacy issues and other important matters. He has taken a practical and pragmatic, well-balanced approach to data privacy, that ensures that businesses operate efficiently, while maintaining a compliance framework that adheres to global, national and local data privacy and data protection regulatory and legal requirements.

Jerry is currently an IAPP Advisory Board Member for the CIPP/E certification exam.


Contributions by Jerry Barbanel