Ulrika Dellrud, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP


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Strategic advisor

Ulrika Dellrud, Strategic advisor/CPO, Smarter Contracts, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP

Ulrika Dellrud currently serves as strategic advisor and CPO at a Fin Tech startup company, Smarter Contracts, where she concentrates much of her time on open data and open banking matters, involving data sharing, trust-worthy AI, blockchain, and responsible use of data.

Her career spans 20+ years of global operational and strategic privacy and data experience, having served as EMEA and global chief privacy officer in several big multinational companies where she has built and delivered successful, business-oriented, measurable global privacy programs and cross-functional teams, co-drafted the first-ever approved set of Binding Corporate Rules, developed privacy programs in emerging regions, and created data strategies as part of organizations’ ESG and sustainability programs.

She is an adamant public policy advocate, working with governments globally on new proposed legislation and regulation, including serving as an advisor to the European Commission for the drafting of the 2010 standard contractual clauses, in her capacity as chair of the data protection committee of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, and is an active member of an independent think tank on Data Ethics and advises on data sustainability/ESG issues.

A Swedish and US-qualified attorney, she is a long-standing member of the IAPP and has sat on a number of their advisory boards throughout the years. She is currently on the IAPP Certification Advisory Board.

She is a recognized thought leader in global privacy and data policy issues, and often mentors and coaches younger and up and coming privacy professionals.


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