Dawn Campbell, CIPP/C, CIPM, FIP


Government of Saskatchewan

Chief Privacy and Access Officer, Director, Legislative & Contract Services

Marilyn (Dawn) Campbell is the Director, Legislative and Contract Services for the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training (ICT) within the Government of Saskatchewan. In her role, Dawn is also the Chief Privacy and Access Officer for ICT, plus two other ministries (Trade and Export Development and Energy and Resources). This is a challenging, but rewarding position, as she has developed and implemented privacy programs that affect more than 600 employees and thousands of clients every day. 

Dawn had dedicated the last 11 years of her career to privacy and access related roles and has worked for the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner as well as the Saskatchewan Ministries of Health, Social Services and Corrections and Policing, providing expert privacy and access advice to front line staff, management and senior leadership. She has also spent time training her staff in privacy and access, as well as assisting her counterparts in other agencies and ministries to learn and grow in their roles. 

Dawn completed the CIPP/C credential in March 2019, followed by the CIPM credential in April 2019 and finally was accepted as a Fellow of Information Privacy in June 2019. Dawn is hoping to continue her credential journey with the hopes of obtaining the CIPP/A, CIPP/E and CIPP/US over the next few years in order to expand her knowledge and help these ministries as their mandates grow and change.  


Contributions by Dawn Campbell

  • Member of Canadian Advisory Board 2020 - 2021