Susan Tillotson Bunch, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT, PLS


Promotions & Privacy Law LLC


Susan’s practice focuses on privacy, advertising, promotions and emerging technologies. Susan advises clients on a range of digital and technology issues, including regulatory compliance with GDPR, US and state privacy, consumer protection, advertising and technology laws.


Creatively collaborating to address consumer privacy issues along with traditional advertising principles, she helps clients maintain public trust and reduce legal risk without sacrificing ROI. Compliance issues vary widely depending on platforms, communicator, content, audience, and the data collected, used or transferred. Today’s multi-channel, geographically dispersed marketing and e-commerce initiatives easily and routinely trigger overlapping (even conflicting) federal, provincial, state and/or local restrictions. Susan works with the enthusiastic adopters of emerging technologies, new media models, location-based and psychographic marketing, and augmented reality as they venture into unfamiliar (often uncharted) legal territory.


Innovative content delivery and marketing techniques drive up both demand for data collection, enhancement, and integration, and concerns for protection of information privacy and security. Clients are best served by transparently and plainly explaining their practices regarding personal information however collected, e.g., through websites, surveys, biometrics, “smart” technologies, cross-channel campaigns, geo-fenced or geo-location-restricted offers, etc., as well as reviewing and maintaining internal data privacy assessment, policy development, training and incident response.


A member of the IAPP’s 2018 “inaugural class,” Susan was the first Florida Bar member to earn the ABA-approved Privacy Law Specialist (PLS) certification.



Contributions by Susan Tillotson Bunch

  • Member of Privacy Bar Section Advisory Board 2019 - 2020