Kerri Sinclair


Ministry of Attorney General, BC - Legal Services Branch

Barrister & Solicitor & Legislative Counsel

Kerri Sinclair is an expert in information privacy, management and access law and policy, having specialized in those areas for the BC government from 1993 to 2016.
As a specialist solicitor, she was legal advisor to the parts of government with central responsibility for legislation and policy in those areas, provided advice to her colleague lawyers throughout the Ministry of Attorney General, Legal Services Branch, and represented ministries in investigations and inquiries before the Information and Privacy Commissioner.  As the leader of the practice area, she had responsibility for training and mentoring its newer lawyers.  She also developed and delivered numerous educational sessions for Branch lawyers and students, and wrote articles for client newsletters.
Within the subject areas of privacy, management and access, and the various spheres of legal work, Kerri focused particularly on privacy issues, and on legislative development.  In all of the areas, she often advised on significant and high profile issues and initiatives.
Since May of 2016 Kerri has worked as Legislative Counsel, drafting Bills, regulations and orders, in various areas of law, and advising on statutory interpretation and the legislative development process.
Before law school at UBC, Kerri earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French linguistics and literature from Simon Fraser University, undertaking a portion of her studies at the University of Salamanca, Spain.
Kerri is currently a member of both IAPP and the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel, and a member of the Law Society of BC since 1993.


Contributions by Kerri Sinclair

  • Member of Canadian Advisory Board 2018 - 2019