Pagona Tsormpatzoudi



Assistant General Counsel, Privacy, Artificial Intelligence & Data Protection

Pagona Tsormpatzoudi is a Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel at Mastercard. Based in Belgium, she is globally responsible for Mastercard’s Cyber and Intelligence Solutions and Franchise. She manages a cross-functional team of legal professionals who ensure privacy and cyber law compliance while advancing business innovation.

Her team is directly engaged in product development, developing and delivering world-class solutions to safeguard all aspects of safety and security in the current and future payments space & beyond. This includes a wide portfolio covering Cyber Security, Fraud, Crypto risk, Identity and Artificial Intelligence.

Pagona oversees detailed analysis of emerging data, artificial intelligence and cyber laws across the globe, counseling teams on the impact the changing regulatory environment has on the company and its strategic objectives. She regularly partners with industry associations, think tanks and leading academic institutions to conduct research on novel matters.

Previously, Pagona was a researcher in technology and data protection law at the Center for IT and IP law, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). She also worked in European Affairs at Siemens, Deutsche Telekom and DG CNECT at the European Commission. She holds a degree in Law from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a MSc in European Studies from the University of Bonn (Germany) and is a member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association.


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