Cara Bloom



Privacy Engineer

Cara Bloom is a Privacy Engineer at Netflix where she specializes in the intersection of emerging technologies and data protection. In her previous role at MITRE Labs, Cara led a research team which produced the first-of-its-kind, data-driven privacy threat model PANOPTIC. She provided privacy and cybersecurity expertise on international data protection legislation, autonomous and connected vehicle technology, and primary research on data de-identification and blockchain-for-identity. Cara has presented at ACM, IEEE, and IAPP conferences as well as the FTC’s Data Privacy Day, is a member of the program committee of the Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect Conference, and chairs the Workshop on Privacy Threat Modeling. She received her master’s in Information Security Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University and holds a BS Information Science from the University of Michigan. 


Contributions by Cara Bloom

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  • Privacy Threat Modeling: The experts’ guide on theory and praxis
    Speaker at In-Person Silicon Valley KnowledgeNet: April 26, 2023
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  • Data De-identification as a Practical Risk Control
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