Pascal Thisse, CIPP/E, CIPT


Data Privacy Professionals


Pascal Thisse is a trilingual (French, English, German) consultant and expert in both data privacy and cybersecurity. In 2017 Pascal founded the consulting company Data Privacy Professionals. Before that he worked for over 25 years in the industry as a data privacy expert, a program manager, contract manager, lobbyist, IT designer and researcher.   Data Privacy Professionals is a consulting company and a training institute specialising in data privacy, cybersecurity and the digital transformation of enterprises. The company is based in the Eurometropole of Strasbourg (France) and proposes its service portfolio (external DPO, data privacy programs, training courses) on the international market.  Pascal has a PhD in sciences (seismic, information technology) from Strasbourg University, an engineering diploma as a geophysicist, a masters in entrepreneurship and an undergraduate degree in mathematics. He holds specialised data privacy (CIPP/E and CIPT) and project management (PMP) credentials. He follows a holistic approach and intervenes in various domains such as digital marketing, software editors, utilities, social services and healthcare.   As a data privacy architect and a technology enthusiast Pascal is fascinated by new technologies related to smart cities, autonomous cars, internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data. He compares current processing techniques of large scale personal data with incumbent seismic and signal processing techniques related to non-personal data. He appreciates and realises the importance of digital skills and IT hygiene and passes it on in cybersecurity courses organised by Data Privacy Professionals.