Marcelo Drago Aguirre


President, Chilean Transparency Council

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Master in Public Administration from Harvard, he was proposed as a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Chilean Transparency Council by former President Michelle Bachelet and confirmed by the Senate in October 2014 for six years.

He served as a Legislative Advisor and in Senior Public Policies in the National Congress, having direct participation in legal reforms related to multiple areas: pension, labor, health, elections and constitution, among others.

He has worked for more than 18 years as an international consultant in management and public policies for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the UN and ECLAC, in Latin America and the Caribbean.
He was Ministerial Regional Secretary of Housing and Urban Planning of Los Lagos Region and Governor of the Cordillera province. In that same period, he held the position of chief of staff in the Ministry of National Assets.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez teaches at and is author of  "La Reforma a la Salud Chilena desde la Perspectiva de los Derechos Humanos" ("The Chilean Health Reform from the Human Rights Perspective ") of ECLAC and of the book "Cambiar el Presente, Ganar el Futuro" ("Change the Present, Win the Future").


Contributions by Marcelo Drago Aguirre

  • Latin American Regulatory Update
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2019
  • Future Regulation of International Transfer of Data
    Speaker at Chile KnowledgeNet: 7 December 2018