Galaad Delval, CIPP/A, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP



Privacy Professional

Galaad is a researcher specialized in cybersecurity and data protection, as well as provisions regarding online activities with regard to EU and Chinese laws for EY Chen & Co. Law Firm. He also has experience in cross-border e-commerce operation and relevant legal issues. He created a new series of articles regarding cybersecurity and data protection laws in China, describing Chinese cybersecurity and data protection laws impact on local and foreign companies, as well as how compliance could be achieved for such companies.Galaad also assists in the vulgarization of basic security measures for cybersecurity and data protection through public and internal presentations on the Cybersecurity Law of China alongside other specialists from EY Chen & Co. Law Firm.Galaad attended the second EU/China expert to expert meeting on the digital economy as EU expert in Yangzhou in December 2016. He was one of the speakers and the mediator of the EY seminar on cybersecurity and data protection on January 2017 in Greater China. He was also a speaker to the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China seminar on cybersecurity in May 2017 and a speaker to the French Chamber of Commerce on conference on data protection in June 2017.


Contributions by Galaad Delval