Hunton Andrews Kurth

Manager of Privacy and Data Policy, CIPL

Mark Smith is the Manager of Privacy and Data Policy at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP’s Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL), a preeminent global privacy and security policy think tank with offices in Washington, London, and Brussels. Based in Washington, Mark works closely with team members to develop strategies and implement project plans that advance CIPL’s U.S. and global policy agenda on a wide range of privacy and data protection issues. Prior to joining Hunton, Mark served for 11 years at Bloomberg Law, principally focusing on privacy and data security issues. He covered federal, state, and international privacy law developments, and he created practical guidance pertaining to data collection practices and incident response management. He was instrumental in developing Bloomberg Law’s collection of international and U.S. state privacy profiles, and he regularly developed resources to help businesses adapt their compliance programs to ongoing changes in the regulatory environment. Mark has written extensively on privacy law developments—including articles on consumer privacy rights, business obligations, consent protocols, data transfers, forensic reports, and contact tracing—and he often serves as a panelist at industry events. Mark is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland and the University of Maryland School of Law, and he holds three certifications (CIPP/US, CIPP/C, CIPM) from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He currently serves as a co-chair of the IAPP KnowledgeNet Chapter for Baltimore.


Contributions by Mark Smith

  • Moving Beyond Data Localization: Enabling Trusted Cross-Border Data Flows
    Moderator at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2023
  • Wherefore Art Thou CPO? Evolving Roles in a Changing Landscape
    Moderator at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2023
  • Wordle Hurdle? Getting Legal, IT, and InfoSec on the Same Page
    Speaker at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2022
  • Operationalizing Responsible AI
    Speaker at Virtual Joint KnowledgeNet: June 2, 2022
  • Don’t Check Your Privilege: Keeping Forensic Reports Privileged & Confidential
    Speaker at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2021
  • Don’t Check Your Privilege: Keeping forensic reports privileged and confidential
    Speaker at Virtual Baltimore, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and DC KnowledgeNet: October 15
  • Taking the Pulse of Biometric Privacy
    Speaker at Virtual Baltimore KnowledgeNet: January 28, 2021
  • Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2020 - Canceled